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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Greetings Earthlings...

Hey hey it's 3 am in the morning and I can't believe that I'm creating a blog. For what you ask? Hmm...just felt like doing it. Trying to tap into my 'expressive' side I guess, har har.

So, what do you write for a first entry in your own blog? Beats me. I guess a quick intro about myself would do...on the other hand, I guess not cos I suck at describing myself. The info I put in Friendster took me ages to come up with. Oh what the goes. Well I'm 22 years old, male, single but not available (did I just write that..???), emm...emm......I guess that's about it. Yeah and I'm an Amway distributor and proud of it! To hell with all of you anti-multi-level-marketing-maniac-freaks-whatever! Ok I might have overstated the last sentence, probably because I just attended a supposedly 'motivational talk' by some guy in his 50s. Turned out to be a live advertisement for some insurance company. Gotta admit what the guy said made some sense, but the direct-sales bashing was too much for me to stand. Hey I know insurance is good but it's not the only way to riches. I buy insurance too you know! There's no need to for you to critisize other businesses. No offence to all the agents out there though...peace man.

I just made myself a promise today, that I would not start up my laptop to give my eyes some rest...guess I'm already breaking that promise, so to make myself feel less guilty, I guess I'm gonna end this entry prematurely. Oh yeah, thanks to W1 CG for the wonderful book, I promise I'll finish reading it. Cheers to all!


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