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Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Special Day

Can't believe it's been four years already Gurl. Been through all the ups and downs of a the end, still it's you that I cherish the most. Your smile, your laugh, your mischievious look everytime you're up to something, your large beautiful eyes...the wonder of being you never fails to captivate me, every minute, every second.

Hope you liked the "prize" that you rightfully earned :) Happy anniversary Gurl.


Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Village

Results are out! "The Village" is one interesting movie...I initially found it boring at first, but as the events unfurled, man was it thrilling and scary too (sometimes). The end of the plot was totally unexpected. And it got me thinking too...If anyone could just leave behind the real world and live in a land where time and money is irrelevant, where one could just forgot everything in the past and live life all over again, without worries, without burdens.

On the light side, the "creature" in the movie scared the hell out of me. That was a smart approach in making the film. You can't really see the terror, but you know it's there, that's what makes people (me) really scared.

M.Night Shyamalan shows his substance again.

(Wow am I sounding like a movie critic? I've always wanted to write something about movies, but didn't really know where to start...heheh)


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bloggers beware

Came across a newspaper article a few days ago, about 2 bloggers in S'pore who were charged with racist remarks on their blogs. Saw it on TV again today...I think one of them could be jailed for up to 3 years. 3 years?!?! Blogging is a dangerous game, man! I didn't know until then that someone could be arrested for saying some stupid things in the virtual world. I wonder whether local authorities enforce the same rules here...don't wanna be lying in a jail cell and kena rotan 3 strokes, no, no, no, not me. But hey, this is not some politically driven blog...I write for pleasure, that's all. True though that you really gotta watch what you write, even on the net. Freedom of speech is one thing, getting nabbed for saying something dumb is another.

Just had dinner with TF how long was it since we went dinner together? Should be a memorable day today. Thanks man for coming out. Just like the old times...sigh.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Kena bom by Nasir today...but I thought what he said made sense anyway. For education purposes, yeah right. Wonder what stuff happened between he and Zulfakar.

But, it still is a great relief though. All those nights of reading and searching for data was making me sick. My shoulders started to ache, I was sleeping every night at 3, and my eyes could barely open when I woke up. PSM sure has taken its toll on me...but the BEST part is, it's not over. Heck it's only the beginning for this living hell...

But, it STILL is a great relief. I guess I'm gonna continue my movie marathon. Here I come, Marty!


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Mid-autumn Festival

Once again it's the annual Mid-autumn Festival, also known as Mooncake Festival as well as Lantern Festival here in Malaysia. Funny why they don't call it 'yue bing jie' in mandarin though...since there's Mooncake Festival huh. No big celebrations for most of us today...just the occasional fireworks lit by some neighbours. I guess everyone must be occupied with academic stuff. Talking about academic, I haven't started a single slide of my presentation...but hey, I'm not gonna rant about that.

It's a big day for us Chinese. Used to be anyway. It's sad to see all the festivals being so commercialized nowadays. Go to any departmental store and you're sure to spot stalls and shops selling mooncakes, from durian to pandan, cheese to sambal (I kid you not!), and every salesgirl is just dying to let you try a piece of their specialty. It's funny how they can come up with so many types of exotic flavours...what happened to the good old red bean and lotus paste? You can't imagine downing cheese wrapped in the traditional mooncake skin, right? And yet, with the whole variety of mooncakes available, I seldom see people coming out to celebrate. You know, walking around with lanterns (the candle type, not those mutants that run on batteries), sitting in the backyard just marvelling at the great round yellow moon...It's not that I spy on other people's backyards, it's just that you don't get the feel anymore. I wonder how many children now still remember the origins of the mid-autumn festival...

Well I've had my share of mooncakes this year, but thanks to Gurl's mom, looks like I've got another 3 on hand for me to devour. At least I can save on a few meals...heheheh. Happy mooncake festival everyone!


Friday, September 16, 2005

Seminar awal jitters

Can't help thinking about seminar awal lately...where we're going to present our report on the first phase of our final year project. D-day's on tuesday and I haven't even come up with a single slide! Somebody please save me!

Brain's bogged down with academic can't really think of anything much to write. Ah....sien! But I guess as Dan says, don't meditate on the wrong things, so I'm just gonna keep on going. Dr. Shaikh Hussin, Dr Syed, En. Nasir, please show mercy! Thank you thank you...


Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Since seminar awal is coming next week, can't help but keep thinking about what to present for my PSM. That's Projek Sarjana Muda for those of you not familiar with local Uni's. Darn, can't even figure out what I'm supposed to do, let alone how to present it.

Screw the people who came up with this PSM idea...why not just let it be ONE BIG FINAL EXAM where everything is do or die. Heck I think I'd do a lot better in that one. Primary, secondary school, up to university education, it was all about exams, exams, exams. Then suddenly they wanna throw some big project at our face without us having any physical, mental and emotional preparation whatsoever. Hey, we're Malaysian students! We're not prepared for project-based evaluation! We're not the British, the Americans, or any other people from developed countries! Malaysia is still a DEVELOPING country, how's that? Buck up, education ministry!

Wow, had a thought that came into my mind. PSM...rearrange it and it becomes PMS--Premenstrual Syndrome? Not really the same thing, but hey, it produces the same symptoms. Moodiness, short temper, emotionally unstable, depressed at times, a great lost of blood...Oops! Not that. But we're losing lots of brain cells through. Rearrange it again and becomes the dreaded word for every 5th former--SPM! Hah my days in secondary are over...pity those guys really. Hey, I'm becoming a master at anagrams...heheheh and yes I'm a big fan of The DaVinci Code. Don't know what an anagram is? Just click on the link and have fun!


Saturday, September 10, 2005

Greetings Earthlings...

Hey hey it's 3 am in the morning and I can't believe that I'm creating a blog. For what you ask? Hmm...just felt like doing it. Trying to tap into my 'expressive' side I guess, har har.

So, what do you write for a first entry in your own blog? Beats me. I guess a quick intro about myself would do...on the other hand, I guess not cos I suck at describing myself. The info I put in Friendster took me ages to come up with. Oh what the goes. Well I'm 22 years old, male, single but not available (did I just write that..???), emm...emm......I guess that's about it. Yeah and I'm an Amway distributor and proud of it! To hell with all of you anti-multi-level-marketing-maniac-freaks-whatever! Ok I might have overstated the last sentence, probably because I just attended a supposedly 'motivational talk' by some guy in his 50s. Turned out to be a live advertisement for some insurance company. Gotta admit what the guy said made some sense, but the direct-sales bashing was too much for me to stand. Hey I know insurance is good but it's not the only way to riches. I buy insurance too you know! There's no need to for you to critisize other businesses. No offence to all the agents out there though...peace man.

I just made myself a promise today, that I would not start up my laptop to give my eyes some rest...guess I'm already breaking that promise, so to make myself feel less guilty, I guess I'm gonna end this entry prematurely. Oh yeah, thanks to W1 CG for the wonderful book, I promise I'll finish reading it. Cheers to all!


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