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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Angkor What?

Did I mention I was going to Cambodia next month? More specifically, it's actually Siem Reap I'm headed to, the town just a stone's throw away from the famous Angkor Wat.

Air tickets have been purchased from Air Asia (who else), the time when they had this crazy promotion going on to attract poor travellers like me to go abroad. I didn't get the 'free' tickets though (if there is such a thing as free air tickets), but for a small fee plus a gazilion other surcharges, I've booked myself a trip to experience the wonders of the Khmer region.

We will be staying there for four days, so discussions are in place to determine a rough plan of our travels. According to a friend who went there recently, there isn't much of a plan at all, just 'temples, temples and temples'. Hmm...

Anyway I'm looking forward to this trip as it'll be a whole new experience for me, to visit one of the wonders of the world. The last time I went somewhere as far as this was to Beijing - which has the Great Wall, so that makes it 2 wonders in my book? :)


Monday, May 28, 2007

Branded apparel at low prices

Are you a fan of branded apparel but can't seem to spend a bomb on designer wear? Here's a website that might just solve all your financial woes when it comes to shopping for branded stuff.

Introducing Multi Labels Connections, a website set up by a Malaysian graduate currently residing in the US. The webstore offers a few brands (mostly Esprit, Armani Exchange, Guess, FCUK) at pretty low prices, and it caters for both men and women apparel, though the latter has more variety.

Despite the fact that you can't use the online shopping feature yet, you can always drop the administrator ( an email and let him know what you fancy. Payment is by depositing to a local bank account, and your goods get couriered to you in no time.

I actually bought this AX tee for Gurl via the website.

AX Rock Logo Tee - RM79.99

And it came inside a very nice and classy box too. I never tend to shop at upscale boutiques so it came as a little pleasant surprise.

And don't worry about being the laughing stock of your friends as all items sold are genuine! Yes, original, not the ciplak t-shirts you get from the local pasar malam.

As much as this may seem like a sponsored post, I'm actually doing some promo for the owner of the website who's a friend of mine. Being quite satisfied with my purchase, I'd encourage you to drop and have a look as well.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Trusty Iswara

Looks like Proton Iswara's are not too bad after all. Consider this lady driver who plunged her car from the sixth floor of the carpark and got away only with a broken arm.

All the more reason for me to cling on to my aging Iswara. More than 11 years usage (6 in my hand) and it's never let me down once.

I even drove it to Lumut, all the way from KL.

Was tempted to purchase a Chevrolet Optra, which was recently being sold at very attractive prices due to some stock clearing exercise. For a little over 60k, you'd get a 1.8l engine, leather seats, airbags, ABS so on so forth. IMHO, it beats the hell out of buying a Proton Waja.

But I decided to let it go cos I'm not really looking forward to having loans to pay back, at least for the time being. As the typical financial advice goes, a car's just a liability and not an asset (poor people tend to quote that).


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Prison Break

Prison Break is the GOOD!

I managed to catch about 13 episodes so far, in about 4 days time. Yes, that's 4 days and considering that I've been working past 7 for the last few days, that makes about 3 episodes a day and zero social life.

Anyway, one would think Michael Scofield, our hero in the series, would deserve all the credit for his sheer genius in designing the escape. And then there's Sara Tancredi, the lovely doctor who doesn't give a second thought about treating convicts and psychopaths (with a governor father no less).

I beg to differ however. Despite the strong performances from other actors, Robert Knepper aka Theodore Bagwell aka T-Bag has to be the best of them. His portrayal as one of the most dangerous (and charismatic) criminals in Fox State really stands out. You'd find it hard not to hate him and truly believe he is the character he plays.

Being a late boomer to the series, I'm still stuck at season 1 so I'm expecting to be in for a whole lot of surprises in the coming few episodes. I loved watching The Shawshank Redemption and other prison movies so I guess I'll be enjoying this one too.

Back to the DVDs for episode 14!


Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday rant

Sometimes I find it strange how some people who are accepted as leaders in a particular organization do NOT act in a 'leaderly' way at all when they interact with you. Honestly, sometimes it's just plain annoying.

My definition of being a leader does not necessary mean one has to have great charisma and being inspirational. Sometimes it can be as simple as being nice to someone and to treat them with respect. Especially with leaders with this type of background, I would expect them to treat me as a friend, no less.

But the truth is opposite somehow. They are caught in their littly holy world, unaware that the people surrounding them are actually having some doubtful thoughts about...well, the very things that there are trying to instill. Not only that, at times I'm just pissed off by their ignorance in personal freedom and individuality.

I once promised someone I would be attending an event, but due to last-minute circumstances I had to tell him that I couldn't make it. Expecting him to understand my situation, I was surprised and angry when he told me off, saying I should go anyway since I had 'promised' him attend. Tell me, is this a display of leadership, or disrespect of one's freedom and feelings?

Why 'force' people to attend something when they can't? Why that display of attitude when people say 'no'? Why does every sentence start with a 'why' and not a 'hi'?

Sometimes I feel a little disillusioned by these people. I wonder what it is that makes them the leaders of the organization they are supposed to lead. Perhaps it is time to bail out...

Yes, this is a rant, and too bad I can't name any names here.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

YB (Yang Berlawak) politicians in Parliament

Woot! My Streamyx connection at home is finally up! After more than 1 month of waiting, no thanks to the lousy service our reseller provided, I'm once again connected to the virtual world at the comfort of my room.

Now that I have space to rant again, remember the infamous "bocor tiap-tiap bulan" remark by the two politicians in parliament? In today's paper, the MP for Jasin, Datuk Mohd Said Yusof had the gall to say that he did not say it.

In that same article, it was mentioned that a video of the two uttering the very same words was posted on YouTube. For clarity's sake, here's the link. Someone should really show this to our dear MP and see what he has to say about it.

I remember visiting the Parliament for the first time a few years back, as a guest of Fong Po Kuan who knew one of my friends. Never did I imagine the things that were really going on behind those walls. Even then we had been informed that these 2 MPs in question were the official clowns of the parliament.

Wonder since when did the term "YB" became "Yang Berlawak"? Truly a fitting title for two of the most 'colourful' politicians.

Hello people of Jasin and Kinabatangan, it's time for change!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Worst salesperson ever

Imagine this conversation between you, your girlfriend and a sales promotor (let's call her Nina) for some 'Ministry-of-Tourism-affiliated' tour agency at a booth near the local shopping mall. Apparently this sales lady is trying to coax you into joining as a travel club member to enjoy cheap hotel stays and travel packages.

Nina: Our package very simple just pay one-time membership fee, and you're a member for life! And you can get hotel stays at agent price, very cheap you know!

You: The joining fee is not a small sum. We'll think about it and let you know if we're interested...

Nina: But sir, you don't know what you're missing sir. Normally we charge RM599 per year, but now you only pay once. Only 2 places left I tell you. All my customers have been very satisfied with the service (continues with her ramblings about all the benefits you're entitled to once you're members).

You: Ok just hold on a second. Frankly speaking, I don't know if I can trust your company, considering the recent news of a well-reputed tour agency that went bust.

Nina: Oh is that so? I guess the management wasn't so good at leading the company-lah.

Ok, just a moment here. This sales promoter, who's described herself as if she's a seasoned tour agent for the company, doesn't know the biggest news to hit the tourism industry in recent times? Either she's living in neolithic times or she's crapping about her so-called experience. Say you give her the benefit of doubt and let her continue.

Nina: It's a good deal sir, one time promotion only. After that you'll need to pay RM599 every year you know, every year! (Phone rings) Sorry sir let me take the call....Hello, oh no, I'm busy right now, kerja part-time, call you later? Bye.

Kerja part-time?? Another indicator that this rookie salesgirl isn't who she says she is.

GF: Hmm...I think it sounds quite good. What do you think?

You: I dunno, unless you're a frequent traveller, it's not very worth it. Let's think about it first and see...

Nina (cutting in): Miss, no offence ok. This guy here is your husband? No? Friend? Ok-lah miss, he's not your husband what, he can't tell you what to decide. If you want to join, it's up to you. Just hand me your IC and I'll help you fill up the form.

Wtf, you say? This annoying, unprofessional and insolent 'salesgirl' is actually showing disrespect to you, THE customer. Given the situation above, would you:

(a) Glare at her in silence for a few minutes and request to talk to another salesperson?

(b) End the absurd session by standing up and leaving the booth altogether while waving off the salesgirl?

(c) Retort the salesgirl by saying: "Hello, at least she's my friend. You on the other hand, barely know her. So please don't disperse your advice as if you're her BFF." and followed by (b)?


Friday, May 04, 2007

Kuala Selangor - seafood and fireflies

I paid a visit to Kuala Selangor during the long holidays, as part of our CG trip. Our plans were to have dinner before going for the firefly tour that the place is famous for.

We picked one of the numerous seafood restaurants around the area to satisfy our hunger. In the end we found this restaurant tucked in one of the more secluded spots by the river. Judging by the number of customers it had, we thought it wouldn't turn out bad.

Restoran Kuala Selangor

Our spread for the day consisted of sotong, prawns, 'ha gou', lala, 3kg of crab and 2 plates of veggie. For 7 people, it seemed like a lot of food. The portions were not small either and we had doubts at first on whether we could finish it at all.

The seafood was good; prawns, sotong and crab were fresh and succulent. The veggie was also a favourite. After some hard work and cleaning up, we managed to prevent any of the good food from going to waste.

Mission accomplished

The bill came up to less than RM200, which was quite worth it. Downright cheap if you compare to what the seafood restaurants in PJ charge.

View from the restaurant - currently my favourite wallpaper

We then continued our trip to the popular firefly tourist spot, where according to the notice boards, 'it is believed to be one of the only places in the world where fireflies gather'.

And they didn't come cheap either. The fireflies, I mean. Accidentally squash a bugger while trying to hold them will cost you RM1000.

There were not many fireflies around that night, probably because there was a full moon. According to our boatman, the best time to visit is when there is no moon and after the rain.

Tried to capture those that were on display but here's what I ended up with.

Pitch black darkness.

Well, that concludes my trip to Kuala Selangor. It was a fulfilling one, if not interesting.


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