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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Worst salesperson ever

Imagine this conversation between you, your girlfriend and a sales promotor (let's call her Nina) for some 'Ministry-of-Tourism-affiliated' tour agency at a booth near the local shopping mall. Apparently this sales lady is trying to coax you into joining as a travel club member to enjoy cheap hotel stays and travel packages.

Nina: Our package very simple just pay one-time membership fee, and you're a member for life! And you can get hotel stays at agent price, very cheap you know!

You: The joining fee is not a small sum. We'll think about it and let you know if we're interested...

Nina: But sir, you don't know what you're missing sir. Normally we charge RM599 per year, but now you only pay once. Only 2 places left I tell you. All my customers have been very satisfied with the service (continues with her ramblings about all the benefits you're entitled to once you're members).

You: Ok just hold on a second. Frankly speaking, I don't know if I can trust your company, considering the recent news of a well-reputed tour agency that went bust.

Nina: Oh is that so? I guess the management wasn't so good at leading the company-lah.

Ok, just a moment here. This sales promoter, who's described herself as if she's a seasoned tour agent for the company, doesn't know the biggest news to hit the tourism industry in recent times? Either she's living in neolithic times or she's crapping about her so-called experience. Say you give her the benefit of doubt and let her continue.

Nina: It's a good deal sir, one time promotion only. After that you'll need to pay RM599 every year you know, every year! (Phone rings) Sorry sir let me take the call....Hello, oh no, I'm busy right now, kerja part-time, call you later? Bye.

Kerja part-time?? Another indicator that this rookie salesgirl isn't who she says she is.

GF: Hmm...I think it sounds quite good. What do you think?

You: I dunno, unless you're a frequent traveller, it's not very worth it. Let's think about it first and see...

Nina (cutting in): Miss, no offence ok. This guy here is your husband? No? Friend? Ok-lah miss, he's not your husband what, he can't tell you what to decide. If you want to join, it's up to you. Just hand me your IC and I'll help you fill up the form.

Wtf, you say? This annoying, unprofessional and insolent 'salesgirl' is actually showing disrespect to you, THE customer. Given the situation above, would you:

(a) Glare at her in silence for a few minutes and request to talk to another salesperson?

(b) End the absurd session by standing up and leaving the booth altogether while waving off the salesgirl?

(c) Retort the salesgirl by saying: "Hello, at least she's my friend. You on the other hand, barely know her. So please don't disperse your advice as if you're her BFF." and followed by (b)?


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