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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

IWK: Full of sh*t?

Came across an interesting piece of news today.

Our Natural Resources and Environment Minister (heck, I didn't know there was such a ministry, shows how ignorant I can be when it comes to environmental issues...or are they not doing enough to attract attention?) reported that the main polluter of rivers in Peninsular Malaysia was our very own number one sewage management company, IWK.

Source: The Star

"Ninety one percent of pollution of rivers in the country is from inadequately-treated sewage," we were told.

Does it come as a surprising statement following all the 'we're-environmental-friendly' advertisements IWK has been placing in our local dailies lately?

Source: IWK website

Are the ads just a ploy to make us pay up our bills? So that they can reap all the profit and get away with improper dumping of waste?

Or is it just a spat between ministries / ministers? According to IWK's website, it is 'a wholly-owned company of the Minister of Finance Incorporated'. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment vs Ministry of Finance?

A load of questions to be answered while our country gets loaded with shite.

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