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Saturday, March 17, 2007

SPM wunderkids

Results for SPM examinations were released just recently. Nowadays it's not surprising at all to see adolescents take on 15 to 18 subjects AND attempting a straight-A score. Compared to, say 10 years ago, these double-digit figures would be heavenly numbers.

I just don't get it though, why students nowadays would want to sacrifice extra time and effort just to get an extra couple 1A's. You gotta wonder when you see these new-age wonderkids, what do they have to prove by taking so many subjects?

Is it because...

A) They have nothing better to do.

B) They believe they're a superb race who's going to conquer the world some day.

C) Mommy and daddy forced them to be the best or else they would be disowned.

D) They're writing a book about their success stories and need some outstanding results to back it up??

Well all of the reasons above are just crappy. If you're all alone and bored all day, why not pick up some healthy activities, like for example, blogging?

And the girl who's going to publish a book to share her success principles? Bleargh...I don't know whether her money-crazy parents had any influence on her decisions, but this lady gives me the impression that she has one hell of an ego.

And I hate people will big-ass egoes, especially those larger than mine.


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