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Monday, March 05, 2007


I had a few revelations today. Well maybe not the I-found-my-saviour sort, but no less earth-shattering to me at least.

I have two small lumps in my lower arm - the doctor said they were 'lipo marks'

Rest assured that I have not undergone any corrective surgery to make myself look better.

I went to the hospital because my wrist was nagging me again, and I found two small lumps forming on my lower arm. Scared they could be connected, and even worse, that the lumps could be malignant, I decided to see an orthopaedic specialist. Prior to that, I thought orthopaedic specialists only referred to those that make your teeth look better.

Fortunately, the lumps were benign, apparently a result of fat hardening under the skin. Didn't realize I had so much fat to begin with. A sign that I should watch the diet perhaps?

My lump my lump my lump...My lovely lipo lumps.

I should have been a doctor

All it took was 5 minutes, some touching on the lumps, a bit of explaining and a few lines written on a piece of paper. The bloody doctor/hospital charged me 100 bucks for it! I regret not considering medicine as a career path...darn.

My only hope now is that company policy covers the cost of seeing a specialist.

Taking medical leave is no holiday - unless you're faking it

I had to look up the directories, make an appointment, inform my boss, get a GP's referral letter, AND miss my work for the day. And SJMC's parking area sucks.

End of today's revelations. More to come later...


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