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Sunday, April 30, 2006

JB Food Log - Alam Seafood Restaurant

Phew!!! Just finished packing most of my stuff. Wasn't really keen on it but I didn't have any choice since the lorry would be picking up my things tomorrow morning. I'm bringing all my furniture back thanks to dad who managed to find someone to transport it.

Anyway, had some great meals today. Lunch was at IT Roo but I don't have the pictures yet so I'll post about today's dinner first. I nearly turned it down cos was really to darn exhausted after an afternoon of rummaging and packing.

So dinner was at Alam Seafood Restaurant, located at the most 'ulu' place I have ever been in JB. Actual location is near Perling, in fact not far from the Mana Lagi restaurant that I wrote about earlier.

Well let me state that it was my first time there too...and I'm not really a big fan of seafood. Why? Blame it on the geographical location of my hometown, which is incidently situated further from the sea than any other place in Peninsular Malaysia. Seafood was never a frequent dish for our daily meals back then.

The gals choosing the dishes, which were ALIVE in the aquarium!

The people who went....minus yours truly as the photographer. The coconuts make me think of Kenny Sia, I wonder what he would comment about the size of them relative to his you-know-what.

Me and Gurl. She was the one who brought us here.

Me and Elaine. We were posing as the 'black and white collared-gang'.

The dishes were quite good IMHO. We ordered some lala, 'zuk tan' (longish-looking clams), a dish of veggie, specialty tauhu, fried sotong and also 'shek pan' fish which was steamed. The dishes came in considerable portions, we nearly couldn't finish the sotong. As I said I'm not crazy about seafood, but word from my friends, who are seafood buffs, was that the dishes were fresh.

The bill turned out to be a little over RM170. Not overly expensive considering the coconuts already cost us 28 bucks.

I dunno what the gals were pointing at, seriously.

After the dinner we headed on to Danga Bay for some refreshments. Turned out that the band playing at Beach Club was not as good as the previous one so we didn't stay long.

Attempting to do an artistic shot...and failing miserably.

A great night out, although a tiring one :)

PS: I haven't included the details on how to get there cos I kinda suck at drawing maps, unlike KY. But if anyone's interested just drop me a message.

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

JB Food Log - Perling Nasi Lemak

Since this will probably be our last few days at JB, I've decided to post as many entries as I can regarding the food here. Of course, if it's recommended by me, it must be good, or at least better than the garden variety.

To kick of my "food log", we had some nasi lemak at Perling yesterday. The shop is called 'Mana Lagi' and is touted to serve one of the best nasi lemak in JB. There's also the nasi lemak at Permas Jaya, Taman Sri Puteri, and in our own backyard Taman Universiti as well, but that's another story.

Normally I wouldn't drive 20 km and subject myself to the pains of being stuck in a jam just to get dinner, but then I had no excuses since I had finished the final draft of my thesis, and she felt like going there too. So after enduring the infamous Perling flyover jam as an appetizer, we were set to enjoy the main course.

The nasi lemak here is definitely one of the tastiest dishes you can find in this area. The rice, fried chicken, rendang and sambal are so yummilicious you'd beg to go there once more after sampling the first taste.

Close-up of the "fatty rice". Be careful not to drool on your keyboard.

If you're going at peak hours (7-9 pm), be prepared to wait a while since the chicken will be snapped up in no time. No worries though as they will constantly refill the plate. Service here is self-service, so you can pick whatever you like.

People with high cholestrol levels take note though, I will not be responsible for any consequences of downing the extremely fatty rice. Dine at your own risk.

If you're dropping by JB, do give this a try. You won't regret it :)

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Photo session with fellow SEL coursemates

Some of my coursemates turned up the other day for a photoshoot at the main lecture hall in front of our faculty. Actually everyone was invited but I guess some people are just too busy to get their faces on film the LCD.

So semangat huh? Well, this might be the last chance for a photo opportunity here so of course we couldn't give it up. Cameras were snapping simultaneously and everybody was posing happily. Here are some of the pics from that day.

Coming from an engineering faculty, no doubt there'd be no shortage of nerds hunks. CLEO made a big mistake by not including us in the eligible bachelors list.

The real gems here are the girls. Check out their random poses. Bunch of POSERS!!

My housemates and I. We've been sharing the same house for 4 years now. And they chose that day to ruin my hair.

This may seem like a happy picture, but in reality the photographer was pointing a gun at us.

Trying to get a bite out of JY, my next room neighbour.

Something for the guys...Engineering babes rock!

On another note, I'm finally done with the final draft of my thesis! Just passed it up a moment ago, hope the supervisor likes it. So, after 11,985 words and 61,454 characters later, I'm officially diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. It's official because I can feel it.

Some of the printed letters were even faded on my BRAND NEW keyboard. I'm just happy it's still in one piece.

Finally can get some REST!!!

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

People Who Should Be Shot


  1. The people who invented typing. Typing is driving me nuts. While I'm at it I might as well go on to the people who muttered the first coherent word. No speech, no langauge, no writing so no typing, get it?
  2. The people who invented the semiconductor. I know I sound ungrateful, being an electronics engineer and all that, but they sure made my course here tough as hell! Arguably we'd be still working with vacuum tubes if it weren't for these guys. But then there'd be no computers as well, so I'll give them a skip.
  3. The people who invented thesis writing. He who suggested that undergraduates need to write a 70 page long report that chronicles the lunatic projects that we've undergone deserves to be prosecuted!
  4. The people who invented deadlines. Dead...line. Which part of the word don't you understand?
  5. My supervisor.

Added: Them fucking cops who keep asking for bribes. May they be condemned to eternal damnation.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Encounter with the mysterious Karin

Finally an update from our elusive and cute blogger Karin. Now this really calls for a celebration.

Read all about her post here. It's an outrageously long post with lots of pictures so be warned!

I've blogged about some of the events mentioned in her latest post. You can read about them here, here and here.

Have fun while I continue coughing out the shit for my thesis.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Pathetic celebration

And so I celebrated with these.

The golden arch. A not so large set of not so nice food at a VERY expensive price. Somebody tell me why the hell these guys are still in business....other than the obvious reason that people like me exist.

Lieutenant Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise). Thanks for being there when I needed someone. You are such an inspiration. If I didn't have a morbid fear of corpses I would've been in the force with you.

Yeah I know, I'm pathetic.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

It's over

I can't believe it's over.

Today I had my last paper in UTM.

After 5 years of living the life of a university student, I'm ready to call it quits. It's kinda overwhelming you know, when you reach some point of your life when all that you've got used to is coming to an end. And yes, my life as a student is coming to an end.

I had one of my papers today at the Sultan Iskandar Hall (DSI). Until now I never realized the grandeur that the great hall presented. Before this, it was just another venue for our examinations, another place for us to crack our heads trying to find solutions to the toughest engineering problems. But today, it was something different. We had come to say farewell.

Then it came to me while I was sitting there. The next time I set foot in this hall, I'd be attending my own convocation...

I'm donning a square hat and a robe, walking past a sea of audience, up to the stage. There stands the Chancellor, and there's a kind smile on her face. I walk up to her, and she says to me "You did a good job. Congratulations."

I accept my certificate, pose for the photographers, and slowly walk down the stage, cherishing this moment. All this while my parents are looking at me, their eldest son, a graduate. They must be happy, for I see them beaming, and I notice the sparkle in their eyes...or is it tears? I don't know, but I know I didn't let them down. I did my best, and I came through. I did my family proud.

And I dare say it'll be one of my own proudest moments yet.

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Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm addicted

Wow I'm really getting sick of having to endure the fugly race babes everytime I view my it's time for a new post.

It's exam season but I'm hooked with this game. I'm not much of a gamer (Starcraft, Warcraft, witchcraft...all those don't interest me), but a sucker for word games.

Basically, it's kind of like wheel of fortune mixed with a crossword puzzle. You uncover the words hidden in the screen and the first alphabet of that word, lets say TALK, will be your "GIMME A T!!!" in the wheelie game. IF that word contains any of the alphabets in the phrase, of course. You can then proceed to find more words to fill in the blanks, or if you're lucky enough to be born with an IQ of 200 you can guess the phrase right away.

So it takes a mixture of brains and luck to go forward with this game. Highest score I ever got so far was around 190,000 and furthest, Round 31.

The only limitation is that the game's dictionary doesn't always recognize all the words, such as some of the newer technological terms etc. But it's good enough to get me sitting in front of a screen trying to crack the puzzle. Yeah, I'm addicted to it.

Wtf no such word? My dictionary is better than yours, hah!

Go on and have a try at this game. Sure there's no prize money or cutesy babe to turn the blocks for you, but it's the self satisfaction that matters. If you top my score, bragging rights are yours...haha.

Update on final exams: 1 down 2 more to go. Tomorrow is the last day!


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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Race queens...the meltdown

Received this in my mail today. I dunno if it's for real or just a crazy photoshoot stunt, but these girls are supposed to be race queens.

Eye candy.....

....these are not.

OK I know it's bad to show their close ups here but I just can't resist it. Go on, take a look.

The quality just goes from mediocre.... worse....

....and worse.

No offence to the ladies here, but out of a population of 1 billion (that's 1,000,000,000), at least the organizers could've picked someone more aesthetically pleasing. Seriously, the Chinese are in need of some hot babes.

What happened to race queens like these?

The funniest picture came at the end of the mail.

"Just shoot me and end the pain...."

On another note, tomorrow's Engineering Management will be my first paper. Today's gonna be a long day.


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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hostel celebration video

Happened to chance upon this video by a comrade from UTM and it cracked me up a little. At first I thought it was some Iraqi torture video.

Darn, it DOES look like an Iraqi torture video. Worse, even. I don't think they celebrate birthdays in Iraq with acts of sado-masochism...or do they? With AK47s maybe...throw in a few hand grenades too. But candles? Nope I don't think so.

Just goes to show how crazy hostel life can be in this uni.

Note: Picture above is just a screenshot. Again, click here to view.

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Mini update life...I thought it'd be good. It WAS kinda enjoyable but a bit shortlived though, and here I am fighting again for my last hurdle in this place called UTM.

Friday's gonna be the start of my first paper for the final exams. Then Saturday. Then it's liberty day. Oh darn, I forgot, have to start writing my thesis too. Yup, I'm starting from zero whereas some other people have already completed theirs. Serves me right for being a lazy slacker. Looks like I have to conjure up 70 pages in 2 days time.

On the bright side, writing's never been problem for me, so why not sit back and relax while you can do it last minute. Yea, that's gonna be my new motto.

I heard a friend say today, that since this will be our last finals, we should cherish the time spent studying. Funny how I don't have that kind of feeling. Don't feel like studying at all, in fact. Just wish all of this would end and I can go for my holiday.

*Daydreams for a while*

Wake up slacker! Time to studeeeeeeeee......

Omg it's already 4.10 am. Need to sleep first.


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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Deriku cooks up something special

Inspired by the culinary experiences of PJ, I decided to write about something gastronomical myself.

Initially I pondered over which dish to prepare for my debut entry on home cooked food. After much thought, I was more than happy to cook up one of my favourite dishes, the process of which is described below.

First thing I had to do, naturally, was the prepare the ingredients for this particular dish. This was no easy task as only the finest of materials would be selected. Fortunately, most of the stuff could be obtained at the supermarket, but still it took me some time to distinguish the true quality brands from the cheapskate stuff.

Now the process of cooking. Being a guy doesn't mean I feel totally disabled in the kitchen; I spent many a time experimenting with food in the kitchen at home. To start with, I filled the pot with water and proceeded to heat it up. After reaching boiling point (with the temperature at no less than 98 degrees, mind you), it was time to put the ingredients in.

Here's the tricky part: you have to stir the ingredients at the right time using the correct technique, until the they achieve a certain texture. It's kinda difficult for me to describe exactly how, and I wouldn't want any chef out there to steal what I consider to be my specialty. Who knows I might venture into the restaurant business one day. And so I leave this step to your imagination, for it isn't hard to begin with.

After a few minutes of tender cooking, the dish was nearly done. All I had to do now was to add in the spice and seasonings to give it the perfect taste. Note that the spices must be evenly spread, and this too required some finesse.

And so, I present to you, the best dish to be prepared by yours truly:






Don't you just love the sight, smell and taste of it? Undoubtedly every (poor) student's staple food...albeit this is way more classy.

Seriously, it tastes GOOD!!

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

My blog reborn

Welcome to this newly refurbished blog of mine!

Felt kinda bored so I changed the blogger template and did some other modifications as well. Had to do some tweaking with the code so that it'd resemble the old layout. Credits go to Caz for the template.

Added at the top is an image that I cooked up with photoshop in a few minutes....primitive yes, but I kinda like it. The pic of mine kinda sucks though but that'll have to do for now.

As you may have noticed, I've added links to my old blog and also to my other blog (about my hometown, Bentong) which I started recently...just to show how beautiful Bentong is. Contributors are most welcome. You don't have to be a native Bentongite, just as long as you have some experience with the place.

Any comments or suggestions? Please do let me know. As always, your reading pleasure is my priority :)

My next post will be about food, prepared by myself. It's not everyday I cook so stay tuned!

PS: Happy Easter everyone!

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Friday, April 14, 2006

W3 seniors farewell night

The cell group that I attend, W3, had a special farewell night for us graduating seniors.

It was my first time being chauffeured...though it didn't turn out how I'd imagine it would be. Of course there was no stretch limo to fetch us around...but Nickey's Wira was pretty much up to the job. Hey feels nice being pampered ok.

We had some food for starters, all homemade stuff too. They made us some macaroni with tuna and also some tuna egg sandwiches. So now I'm trying to hold back anything associated with tuna. Jovean even made us a lemon flavoured cheesecake, which turned out quite good considering the limited resources they had.

Karin, Cheok Miin, Venesa and some guy holding a knife. If you're graduating too, feel welcome to insert your pic in the blank space provided. Note: photoshopped images only.

We had some games and praise and worship. Finale was totally unexpected. The whole lot sang us a song which they composed themselves (though it was the lyrics only). Beautifully done.

Thank you to all seniors....that US!!

At the end of it, all of the cell members sort of conveyed their personal messages to us. I was described as "cool", "humble", "intelligent", "witty" (my favourite) among others. Wow I never realized I was such a perfect guy...but that's the whole point of it I guess. You don't go cursing people about their rotten traits and digging up their dirty stories during a farewell party right. Not aloud (and not allowed) anyway.

I got a parting gift from W3 and also IK. They bought a T-shirt for me, but my personal favourite was the Sydney Sheldon novel. Yay, another one to add to my collection.

I will not be afraid of the dark...again, evar!

Sigh, another reminder that I'll be leaving this place soon.

To W3 and all IK members:

Thanks for everything :)

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

NIght out at JB

To celebrate the end of our FYP presentation, me and Gurl went to JB for a scrumptious dinner to replenish ourselves after weeks of toil and labour.

Location was at Bamboo Restaurant, near Kompleks Lien Hoe. The dish famous there is the paper-wrapped chicken (纸包鸡), sort of like the one featured at KY's. There are actually 2 restaurants specializing in this dish around that area, the other one being Teck Sing. Both serve excellent paper-wrapped chicken, as well as a variety of other dishes.

Makes you forget all about bird flu....super delicious paper-wrapped chicken.

After overloading our tummies with dinner, we went on to JB City Square to catch Inside Man, despite the friggin parking rates (2 bucks an hour, even after 7pm!). The movie was good, would've been better if some fag didn't fall asleep and snore his way up our nerves!

Next stop was Danga Bay, where we went to Beach Club for a drink and some ikan bakar. There was this band belting out a few songs...really nice. I think the band name was Simply Acoustica or something like that, you can catch them there 7 nights a week.

Here's their rendition of Mungkin Nanti, which IMHO was even beter than the original version. Picture quality's not that good since it was an open air gig and it was dark.

Ikan bakar @ Danga Bay.

Couple of posers.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Basic Instinct parody

Basic Instinct was one of the most graphical (read: sexually explicit) mainstream movies I have watched, ever. Hot scenes aside, this is one hell of a movie boasting a superb plot and stellar performances.

Check out this WWE parody of the infamous scene. Hilarious!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Health snacks


  • Beneficial for cardiovascular system and hypertension with the presence of magnesium...the same stuff you get from bananas.
  • Releases dopamine, stuff that makes you feel euphoric and a hippo?
  • Decreases occurences of mood swings in women by increasing some babe hormone...not that it applies to me, but hey, every self respecting babe should have some :D
  • Suspected in aiding the creation of horizontolly-challenged women...but then for all the benefits you get above, it's worth it. I mean, you'd rather be fat and happy, rather than slim and...dead from having heart attack, right?

Preserved guava:

  • The keyword here is fibre...this stuff has loads of it; 14 grams for every 100 grams you consume. Lack of it may affect the relationship between you and your toilet bowl...
  • Much of the remaining 86 grams is probably harmless stuff that passes through your guts and water....and who said water's not good for the body?
  • Doesn't contain any preservatives and artificial blahs...can't say for sure but I'm taking their word for it. See no evil, taste no evil muahaha...
  • Only side effect known is that it makes you crap a lot...which may be a good thing for people suffering from constipation.

And to top it up, both bring an immense feeling of satisfaction by tasting great.

Who said snacks are unhealthy?

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Technology catches on

First time conversation with my mom through MSN the other day:

Mom: Not studying for the exam, huh?

Me: haha not yet

Me: how come u got msn?

Mom: Huh, why not?

Me: i thought only yuan xin (my sis) uses it



(Forever the english teacher, punctuation is a must for her)

Mom: See if you can buy me an optic mouse- for my school computer

Me: can't buy in bentong?

Mom: Yeah. Forgot about it. I'll try to get one here.

Me: i can get for u too if u want...around 35 bucks for a good one

Mom: No, it's alright. I think I'll look around in Bentong first.

Me: ok ok



Not the typical conversation you'd have with your mom eh? I'll be darned if she doesn't start reading my blog soon.

Never underestimate the techno-adaptability of our parents.

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

My house, my room

I've moved two times since my second year at UTM. First time cos we found a house in a better condition, just a few doors away from our old house, and the rent was the same as the current one. The second time was cos our landlord wanted to sell off the house, and so we ended up here.

Our house has 4 rooms, a master bedroom, 2 single rooms and also a double room. I'm occupying the double room but somehow it has become my's a long story. At RM625 per month, I think it's a bargain although the average rate out there is cheaper. I'm paying about 80 bucks for my room, which is downright cheap.

Since I'll be leaving Skudai in about a month's time, I took the chance to tidy up my room and took some snapshots of it for memory's sake.

A view of my desk, where I do my studies, assignments, surf, blog, eat my tapao-ed food etc. I have a habit of sitting on it when I'm deep in thought or frustrated...happens usually during exam time.

Place where I put some of my memorabilia, including some of the stuff that Gurl gave to me. Fancy the Valentine's Day 'box card'? Another one of Gurl's ingenious ideas.

Cabinet number 1, where I keep some of my non-fiction books and also textbooks.

Cabinet number 2, also for keeping books and old magazines. Oh and you can see my supplement bottles on the first rung, wouldn't have survived without them :)

Wardrobe, where I keep the skeletons that I have amassed through a lifetime of collecting. Yes, I have THAT many t-shirts. Pity it doesn't lead to a magical universe where I can be prince/king/tyrant.

Ah, my comfy bed. I'm not particularly fond of naps but it served me well. Spring mattress still has 3 years warranty, anyone interested?

You might wonder that there's not much stuff I have after five years here. Actually there's another cabinet outside my room and some miscellaneous stuff which I have chosen to exclude here.

It'll be a tough time for me to pack up everything, plus I need to get rid of the furniture too. Any takers? Everything's going at half price (negotiable).

Meanwhile, I need to find myself a room for the time being, somewhere in Kelana Jaya or Subang. If you have any 'lubang' please don't hesitate to let me know. I might pay you a middleman fee......

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Shan turns 20

Happy birthday, bro :)

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Not all lamps come with genies

I've noticed that the latest hype in the blogosphere is about multi-level marketing (MLM), in specific, about a certain company selling lamps (genies not included, mind you). Yes, it's the Berger business, and no, it's nothing like Burger King or Ramli burger.

So it claims to be a national treasure of France, a remedy for various illnesses, and even an 'air purifier' that can clear the air of second hand cig smoke (or so I heard). That sort of claims would make anyone go HOLY SMOKES!! Is there really such a miracle product like this? I mean, even Aladdin didn't get that much out of his lamp!

Not only that, their so-called marketing plan enables a new distributor to buy into higher levels of recognition which promises better returns. But here's the catch, you gotta fork out 30k for that! Yes, 30 friggin thousand dollars that could probably get you a nice little national car.

I'm not gonna brainwash you with my own opinions, but take a minute (or two) and think about it. What is the basis for the marketing plan? Are the promises true? What if...just what if, this thing collapses on its own self? How much will it take to compensate for the 30k you lost? Family, friends? You're lucky if you have some wealthy ones. Ah Longs? Too bad for you then.

The bottomline is, not all MLM companies are bad. I have some experience myself in the business and I can tell you that some of the products are truly quality based, and the marketing plans fair and transparent. Just be reminded that there is no free lunch in this world; you gotta work hard to succeed. The same goes for an MLM business.

If you're being told that you can get something out of nothing by paying a crazy amount of cash, just decline the offer in a polite way.

Or you could (after a few aggressive but fruitless attempts to recruit you) simply tell them to fug off.

Links to this topic:

Suanie, Mack, Antilampeberger, Lampebergerhelp, Lampeberger HK video

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

MiCE - pwned!!!

It's official. I pwn-ed MiCE.

My FYP has at long last, come to an end. So here I am...too overcome with emotion to know what to write. But I will note down the events of the day, since this probably marks the end of a significant part in my academic life...probably THE end...until I get a masters or become a schoolteacher or the education minister or anything.

All I've got to say is that everything went well, although not exactly as planned. We had to present our slides two times, once to people from the industry (2 Intel fellas and one from Sapura), and the other time to our lecturers who were mysteriously missing during the presentation section. Boy, lecturers must be a busy lot. Either that or they have some larger rodents to catch.

Layout of our booth. Three pieces of polysterene for posters where as other projects only had one...shows our boss got some power in MiCE.

The indian guy from Intel was kinda hard to please, but other than that we were lucky to escape any serious interrogation. Our product demo went smoothly; what a relief for me when the LED lights which were supposed to turn on did turn on. When it came to the lecturers' evaluation, for once I was grateful to be under the charge of my supervisor, as the one of the most critical panel members is his bosom buddy. Whee...another smooth sailing round.

After that, I felt like I was Mel Gibson for a second in the movie Braveheart, shouting my lungs out "FREEEEEEEEEEE-DOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!"

.....minus the Scottish accent of course.

My group members, Khalil, Geok Sun and Fairuz.

Posters that I designed...the background images were actually done 2 years ago for another assignment cover. Reuse, reduce redesign, recycle.

These two days have been really exhausting. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the project, especially to Gurl whose tolerance with my temper I am grateful for. I guess it's time to get some rest.

Now I feel like I'm in a void again. But it'll all come back soon, when the time comes for us to rush on assignments and prepare for the final exams. Yeah, THE finals.

Meanwhile, I'll be reading Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything which I got for 25% off the retail price :)

PS: Good luck to all who are having their presentations next week. I'll be having a vodka at the seaside in case you need an audience for your mock presentation. Heehee.

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