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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Health snacks


  • Beneficial for cardiovascular system and hypertension with the presence of magnesium...the same stuff you get from bananas.
  • Releases dopamine, stuff that makes you feel euphoric and a hippo?
  • Decreases occurences of mood swings in women by increasing some babe hormone...not that it applies to me, but hey, every self respecting babe should have some :D
  • Suspected in aiding the creation of horizontolly-challenged women...but then for all the benefits you get above, it's worth it. I mean, you'd rather be fat and happy, rather than slim and...dead from having heart attack, right?

Preserved guava:

  • The keyword here is fibre...this stuff has loads of it; 14 grams for every 100 grams you consume. Lack of it may affect the relationship between you and your toilet bowl...
  • Much of the remaining 86 grams is probably harmless stuff that passes through your guts and water....and who said water's not good for the body?
  • Doesn't contain any preservatives and artificial blahs...can't say for sure but I'm taking their word for it. See no evil, taste no evil muahaha...
  • Only side effect known is that it makes you crap a lot...which may be a good thing for people suffering from constipation.

And to top it up, both bring an immense feeling of satisfaction by tasting great.

Who said snacks are unhealthy?

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