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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Not all lamps come with genies

I've noticed that the latest hype in the blogosphere is about multi-level marketing (MLM), in specific, about a certain company selling lamps (genies not included, mind you). Yes, it's the Berger business, and no, it's nothing like Burger King or Ramli burger.

So it claims to be a national treasure of France, a remedy for various illnesses, and even an 'air purifier' that can clear the air of second hand cig smoke (or so I heard). That sort of claims would make anyone go HOLY SMOKES!! Is there really such a miracle product like this? I mean, even Aladdin didn't get that much out of his lamp!

Not only that, their so-called marketing plan enables a new distributor to buy into higher levels of recognition which promises better returns. But here's the catch, you gotta fork out 30k for that! Yes, 30 friggin thousand dollars that could probably get you a nice little national car.

I'm not gonna brainwash you with my own opinions, but take a minute (or two) and think about it. What is the basis for the marketing plan? Are the promises true? What if...just what if, this thing collapses on its own self? How much will it take to compensate for the 30k you lost? Family, friends? You're lucky if you have some wealthy ones. Ah Longs? Too bad for you then.

The bottomline is, not all MLM companies are bad. I have some experience myself in the business and I can tell you that some of the products are truly quality based, and the marketing plans fair and transparent. Just be reminded that there is no free lunch in this world; you gotta work hard to succeed. The same goes for an MLM business.

If you're being told that you can get something out of nothing by paying a crazy amount of cash, just decline the offer in a polite way.

Or you could (after a few aggressive but fruitless attempts to recruit you) simply tell them to fug off.

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