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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

MiCE - pwned!!!

It's official. I pwn-ed MiCE.

My FYP has at long last, come to an end. So here I am...too overcome with emotion to know what to write. But I will note down the events of the day, since this probably marks the end of a significant part in my academic life...probably THE end...until I get a masters or become a schoolteacher or the education minister or anything.

All I've got to say is that everything went well, although not exactly as planned. We had to present our slides two times, once to people from the industry (2 Intel fellas and one from Sapura), and the other time to our lecturers who were mysteriously missing during the presentation section. Boy, lecturers must be a busy lot. Either that or they have some larger rodents to catch.

Layout of our booth. Three pieces of polysterene for posters where as other projects only had one...shows our boss got some power in MiCE.

The indian guy from Intel was kinda hard to please, but other than that we were lucky to escape any serious interrogation. Our product demo went smoothly; what a relief for me when the LED lights which were supposed to turn on did turn on. When it came to the lecturers' evaluation, for once I was grateful to be under the charge of my supervisor, as the one of the most critical panel members is his bosom buddy. Whee...another smooth sailing round.

After that, I felt like I was Mel Gibson for a second in the movie Braveheart, shouting my lungs out "FREEEEEEEEEEE-DOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!"

.....minus the Scottish accent of course.

My group members, Khalil, Geok Sun and Fairuz.

Posters that I designed...the background images were actually done 2 years ago for another assignment cover. Reuse, reduce redesign, recycle.

These two days have been really exhausting. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the project, especially to Gurl whose tolerance with my temper I am grateful for. I guess it's time to get some rest.

Now I feel like I'm in a void again. But it'll all come back soon, when the time comes for us to rush on assignments and prepare for the final exams. Yeah, THE finals.

Meanwhile, I'll be reading Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything which I got for 25% off the retail price :)

PS: Good luck to all who are having their presentations next week. I'll be having a vodka at the seaside in case you need an audience for your mock presentation. Heehee.

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