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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Karin cooks

A short post today cos I've gotta work on my PSM. Hopefully the simulations will turn out ok and I'll be able to find a suitable bootloader for the chip.

Anyway, Karin tried her hand at cooking today. And if you know her, you'll know that it's a rare sight to see her in the kitchen, which makes it all the more worth blogging about.

With Elaine's help, she whipped up some kurma chicken as the main dish.

A close up of the dish...home-cooked heaven.

Ladies fingers to make it a balanced meal.

Funny looking veggie that tasted not bad.

I must confess that it was really a good effort considering the experience that they have. Perhaps with more practice in culinary skills, she might even add 'cooking' to her forte :) Bravo, gurl.

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