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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Smackdown on Cekap-ism

Came across this at confirm cekap and it hit me like a gazillion ton meteorite:

Wtf is my pic doing on some other guy's blog???!!!

Turned out to be a 'popularity contest' between bloggers. Of course I was honoured to be lined up along with the likes of Fireangel. But E-Quan? I smell something rotten here......

So as not to let all the people-who-are-dying-to-see-a-face-off down, deriku is retaliating. Here I'd like to point out what DOES NOT make a 'popular' blogger (if that's what you call it).

  • First, specs DO NOT make an unpopular blogger. Take it from Suanie. Notice how gorgeous and cute she is.

  • Popular bloggers DO NOT drink some orange mush from, what I presume, is Starbucks. See FA's pic, I bet it's a cocktail and so is mine. Alcohol is best.

  • Look at E-Quan's pic. The angle is SO wrong! Then look at FA's pic. Perfect! Head tilted sideways, slightly to the right at 40 degrees, and facing down at 20 degrees. Beats the hell out of Kate Winslet's pose in Titanic. Ditto for my pic, bwahaha.

  • Last but not least, popular bloggers DO NOT post any entries about popularity contests between their blogs and others. Ever seen FA argue on whether she's hotter than xiaxue? They just know.

Did the points above justify my message that my blog is a popular one? Hell of course not. I wasn't just going down without a fight.

Let's look at how confirm cekap will react to this. Heheh.

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