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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What I did for Valentine's Day a secret. You didn't think I'd share that with ya did you? A narcissists has his own limits too.

Anyway, please allow me to indulge you with the food that we had on that day. Location was at Italiannise Pasta Pizza & Vino, Jusco Tebrau City. As some of you may know, it's basically restaurant serving Italian food (that's a no-brainer you dimwit).

Of course with the day being a tribute to St Valentine, there were numerous couples spotted whom I suspect, were worshippers of the good saint himself. Fortunately I booked early so we didn't have to wait.



We had two sets to choose from, in the end picked Sicilian Salad as appetizer, Seafood Fettucine as the main dish as well as Tiramisu cake for the dessert.

One thing about the dishes is that they were huge in portion, enough to fill the bellies of 4 persons instead of a pair. But since they're charging us THAT much, I guess the portion size is justified.

So our dinner started out with...

Sicilian Salad: You will NEVER order a Pizza Hut salad again


I could've emptied the contents of my little garden back home and still it wouldn't match those in the Sicilian Salad. Fresh lettuce, slices of mangoes and grapes, tomatoes, nuts and chunks of chicken: the way to a healthy lifestyle, hehe. And then there was......

Seafood Fettucine: Created for the gods


Mussels, clams, prawns and slices of salmon mixed with the best fettucine, and you get a dish fit for a king. One of the best Italian dishes I have tasted, EVAR! And last we had......

Tiramisu: With a tinge of alcohol?


We didn't really enjoy the dessert in particular. It was kinda moist, but I suppose this is the way they serve it at most restaurants (had another experience with this at Chismosa). Gurl swore she tasted alcohol in it....I have no idea.

Ah forgot to mention we had cocktails for drinks. Gurl had Electric Lemonade while I had this thingy called Lights Of Havanna. Nothing special except that mine tasted a bit funny.


After finishing up our cocktails, it was time for THE BILL.


I am so PK right now.


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