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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Karin becomes 23!!

On the day before she officially turns 23, all of us had a celebration of sorts for Gurl.

I'm kinda lazy to blog about what happened; where we had our food, what games we played, how the crickets and frogs got away (omg can't believe those were in too), how we attacked each other with water bombs, how I'm getting a sore throat after all that revelling... I dunno why but I got a crazy idea that perhaps it's because now's already 4 FRIGGIN HOURS after midnight.

So I'm just gonna wait for them to pass me the pics of tonight.

So you guys just have to be patient.

Meanwhile, here's what I got for Gurl (part 1).


A pair of ridiculously colourful 5-toed socks, that ALSO came in a nice gift box.


Yeah and a brand new swimsuit for bday girl made out of manila card. With all our messages on it too. Can't believe I came up with such a nifty card, sheer genius lah. Ok so I got some help from my housemates. But that is NOT because I'm artistically challenged.

Time to Zzzzzzzzz...

Latest: Finally got my hands on some of the pics!

PART 1: The 'formal' celebration at Dream On


After much huffing and puffing Gurl finally blew out the trick candles. Look at that smile on her face. Lucky the smote detectors didn't go off.


And of course, the obligatory photo of us and the Heineken.


Girls up for auction. Starting bid, 10 bucks 1 BILLION DOLLARS.


Fits her just like.....a swimsuit.


Beauty and the finger(s). Hey wtf is CY doing???


A close up of the previous photo. KIDS DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. THAT IS A VERY BAD EXAMPLE.

PART 2: Let the games begin


The creepy crawlies scared the shit out of Gurl...and most of us around too. I salute you!


A bunch of childhood-deprived people playing with water balloons. Kesian lah.


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