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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Farewell dinner with juniors

Must face the fact now: I'M OLD. Not as energetic, creative and fun-loving as before. And what a better way to remind me than going for a farewell dinner organized by my SEL juniors.

Dinner was porridge steamboat at this place called Farmland Porridge Steamboat (duh) at Tun Aminah. Steamboat with porridge? Who says you can't try something new in your final year.

Food turned out nice. (Thanks to Elaine for the pics)


Normal steamboat stuff...too bad didn't show the porridge.

Turned out that the pot that you normally put the soup in is filled with diluted porridge. Method of steamboat-ing is the same. You just dump everything inside and pray all the bacteria die before you eat em.


This is not a candid photo. I posed for it. Serious.


Got a present from my kai mui. Thanks!


I am gonna be the next Wimbledon men's champ. Move over Federer!


OMG seniors + juniors only this few? Where did the others go???

Even had yee sang after the dinner. How thoughtful of the juniors. Everybody fatt fatt fatt 888.

In the end my hopes of getting away with a free dinner were dashed as we had to come up with our own money to pay for the meal. A pity but we understand.

I'm having black circles around my eyes now. Seems to be an after-effect of the hectic weekend.

Damn, gotta get more sleep. Don't wanna be the next Chinese national treasure.


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