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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Blogs Blogs Blogs

Just wanna share some of the blogs that I visit frequently, so that you don't just stalk mine 24/7.

TV Smith's Dua Sen - The first blog that I stumbled across was none other than the one by Terence Victor Smith (I bet not many know his real name, heheh). Master of satire and former columnist for Sunday Star. You guys still remember the widely plagiarised Uncle Ho and The Naked Card stories? Yep, he's the original guy who came up with all this. - Another one of my favourites. Probably one of the funniest bloggers out there in the local scene. Sometimes I get my inspiration from her blog. Yeah and the expletives too haha. Cynism at its best.

Jeff Ooi's Screenshots - Well known personality among the blogging community. Let's his views be heard on issues, some sensitive ones too. Check out his latest post about the anime/hentai mix-up by KOSMO!. Apparently some dicks at the local tabloid are not even Asian enough to call themselves Malaysians.

LimKitSiang - So I'm more of a DAP supporter, so what? Haha sue me for trying to influence your minds with anarchist thinking. If you're into current issues, you should check it out together with Jeff Ooi's blog. You know the newspapers today: ya simply can't trust them to report the truth!


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