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Monday, January 02, 2006

Some Reflections and Resolutions

Another year come and gone.

The year that was 2005 has just said it's last a real rushed way too. Just a snap of the fingers and it's BYE BYE O'FIVE. Maybe I'm getting a bit nostalgic, considering that I'll be graduating in 3 months time.

A few things came to my mind when I looked back at the happenings during the past year. First was my industrial training. Can't say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience (we were, most of the time, cheap labour after all), but it was an interesting and enlightening one. Other than getting to know the basic operations of a plant, there were the people there. It really changed my view of foreign workers. Seems that they're not the filthy, rude, lawless bunch of people we tend to assume at times. Hey, they're people too, just like us, trying to eke out a living in a foreign land. Some of them really earned my respect and friendship. So my thanks to all the people in MEI for the enriching experience.

2005 was also the year I got to know God. I'm not a spiritual person by nature, partly due to my family background. An atheist, you could say. But thanks to all the people in IK, I came to accept that there is a higher power looking over us. It wasn't a simple process; there were times when I wanted to believe but simply couldn't find the reason(s). Then I came to realize that spirituality does not need a reason. It is in the age of reason after all that so many of us have forsaken our spiritual beliefs. W1 and W3 CGs, you guys rock :)

On the family side, my little sister finally graduated from high school. I'm proud to announce that now all three of us siblings are pursuing degrees in our own fields. Being the more artistic one among us, she's now doing a degree course in music. Wish you all the best sis.

Reflections aside, I can't really think of any new year resolutions. One thing which is certain is that I sure hope to exercise more. Yep, EXERCISE = FITNESS. Good nutrition is not the only contributing factor toward a healthy body and mind. So, I'm gonna promise myself that I'll go out, maybe jogging for at least 2 times a week. Provided I'm not busy with my PSM, if there's no bad weather, when I'm not watching movies...Now, now, I'm already giving myself excuses. Shame on me.

That brings me to my next resolution: I'm gonna stick to my resolutions. Persevering is no easy task man. Being the hangat-hangat tahi ayam guy that I am, I really hope I can stick to the things that I've promised myself.

2006? Bring it on, baby.


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