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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bye bye detox...Hello Father Christmas!

No thanks to the forever competant TM Net, I was cut off from the virtual world for the past couple of days. Sien...

Anyway, I just finished my detox programme, what a relief! Been eating nothing for the past 3 days...(like the chinese say, I'm gonna become a saint). Fruit and vegetable juices have been my staple throughout this detox period, and I'm glad to say that it's all over now. Fresh juice is nice but imagine drinking 8 cups of it for 3 days...yeah you get the idea.

Detox is actually a process of cleansing the body of toxins accumulated through the air, water and food. By only drinking juices, you're actually giving the digestive system a break, so that the body can focus more on expelling excess waste. It's also know for its healing abilities for cases of SLE, skin problems, obesity etc. Of course, nutritional supplements are essential to keep the body going during this period, and also maximise the effects of detoxification. If you're interested in doing it yourself, drop me a message anytime and I'd be glad to share it with you :)

I've went through this once before, so it was kinda smooth this time. The only thing was, being at home, there were loads of temptations everywhere. Thank God I stuck to my regime hehe. I'm feeling healthier already...heheh. So, after 3 days and 3 kg slimmer (I'll get back to my normal weight soon), I am saying GOODBYE to fruit juices. Bring in the delicacies, please!


Went to Midvalley yesterday. Jam packed like hell.....even getting into the car park took me nearly 40 minutes. Why does EVERYONE have to go to Midvalley (including yours truly)?? I HATE KL TRAFFIC!! Either I'm gonna get myself an auto gear shift vehicle next time, or I won't be working in KL at all. Could feel the Christmas spirit lingering in the atmosphere though, and the decorations there were surely some of the best I've ever seen. I guess we're not seeing the word RECESSION this season, haha.

Bumped into a few friends there; Nicole, you sure have a sharp eye, I could barely recognise anyone in a crowd like that! And too bad could'nt stop by at Subang...I was kinda game for Friday's (*wink wink* Ing Ling).

Going back to JB tomorrow to start on my project work, or else my supervisor's gonna kill me. Again, SIEN.....But hey, it's the Christmas season! I wonder what Santa has in mind for me, but I sure hope it isn't an electric juicer!


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