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Monday, December 12, 2005

Ah Genting...

Can't seem to get enough of travelling these days heh. After missing a trip down to Klang for a cousin's wedding, I was on the road again today, this time was destination Genting. Yup, the famous Genting Highlands, where the only legal casino in Malaysia is located. But, this time, I wasn't there for the gaming...

Some people might think that, wah, going Genting, so fun. I can't help but think when someone mentions Genting: oh no, not that dreaded place again, what's the point in going there? Well it's not that bad actually, perhaps it's because Genting's located just at the backyard of my home. OK so I overstated that again; going to my backyard would mean a 50-minute drive, large house eh, heheh. But still, it is considered near, and as my sis put it, going to Genting is like going to town. Still remember the crazy days when me and my friends would drive up Genting a few times a month, just to get a taste of Coffee Bean (there was no Starbucks then).

Considering that I haven't been up there for some time, I was given a surprise by the new route up to the top. Uncle Lim must be earning loads each year. Considering that people from Bentong may well be the most frequent visitors, perhaps he should set up an ultra-high-speed LRT line from Bentong directly to Genting, muahaha. The Genting Express...yeah dream on.

There were quite a number of visitors today, I think cos it was a public hol in Selangor. Although not that packed compared to festive seasons, still there were enough vehicles to fill up the Highlands Hotel carpark. Me and sis just lingered around First World for the first few hours, looking around the shops and stalls. Heck, suddenly noticed the sale season is on again and temptations were everywhere. Who said guys don't like shopping?

After browsing through every single shop around the area, we figured we needed to have a seat and rest our legs. What better place than Starbucks Genting, arguably one of the coolest hangout places in town. A cuppa there would usually cost like 12 bucks, but what the heck, I thought it was worth it. Oh did that prove to be wrong this time; the caramel macchiato I ordered was lousy like hell, tasted more like milk to me. Wanted to shout "GIVE ME BACK MY 12 BUCKS YOU MORONS" but being a civilised citizen, I could only see my cup of coffee going cold in the chilly Genting breeze.


At the end of the day, I was kinda glad to go back. After all, home is where the heart is. Enough of the backyard, at least for today.


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