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Saturday, December 10, 2005

UCSI and Times Square

Being back in Bentong for barely one day, I was called to join the family for a trip down to KL cos little sis wanted to get a look at UCSI (it was their open day). Being the ever filial son (heheh), of course I couldn't let poor dad drive all by himself.

UCSI...Uni of Crime Scene Investigation, how I wish it stood for that! Haha die-hard fan of CSI mah. But of course, who wouldn't know it stands for Uni College Sedaya International? Visited the new campus for the first time today. The main building was really nice with fountains and all, but too bad it wasn't really completed. In fact, a large part of the building was still under construction. Then I realized how small it was compared to UTM. Heck, even our good ol' FKE was bigger than the entire campus. But that wouldn't be surprising since it's located on prime land, you can't really afford to have a large campus unless you're owned by the gov. I was quite impressed with its School of Music though, maybe cos I haven't really come across one. I had second thoughts about sis doing a degree in music here...since she might have a large chance of teaching music in the end, why not start teaching now and save the 75K for other things?
75K? Yep, that's how much it costs to get a Bachelor's Degree in Music, excluding the living costs of course. Simple math would show that I could complete 5 degrees in any gov uni for that amount of money...private colleges really suck the money out of its students.

After a short talk and a tour of the campus, we were off to Bukit Bintang. Nothing much worth mentioning here; there was the usual crowd, the ever present drizzle, and of course the shops. Wanted to catch Narnia but I thought we were going back early. In the end spent most of the time lingering around Borders. Dinner at Sentul had me stuffed! And it was affordable too!

One heck of a day today...would have retired early if not for the chat with Ing Ling and Set Tat. Guess it's time to log off now...nite.


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