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Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's alive!

Yes this will be a short one, just so you know I'm still alive. It's so brief, I'm going to put it in point form.

  • I went through a 3 day detox programme. 76 hours without any solid food at all, just so I could experience the famine so widespread in Africa. Kidding! It was for my own personal health reasons.
  • I watched the latest Harry Potter movie. Kinda sucked like the book. I read the 7th book too. downloaded for free off the greatest resource known as the WWW. Hermione and Ginny didn't die yay!
  • A large piece of one of my premolars got chipped off while I was enjoying some Ipoh heow-piah. The cost - 3 visits to the dentist, a crown and RM880 out of my wallet! Damn those biscuit makers.
  • I got caught up in the heath craze. Went out bought a pair of dumbells, some nutrition supplements and a copy of Men's Health. I'm feeling as motivated as ever to get that ever-eluding six pack!
  • I have officially dropped off the Malaysiablog rankings, which mean I must be somewhere beyond 300. The price of not blogging too consistently.

There you go. Elaborations upon request only. Yeah, I'm not dead :D


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