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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Face off: Transformers vs Harry Potter

Managed to catch two of the most touted movies being released this month over the weekend. Going to do a little comparison based on what I thought of both films. Be warned though, you might not like what you read, and potential spoilers ahead.

Transformers vs Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix (thereafter referred as HPOP)

The Background

Transformers has come a long way since I ever remembered watching cartoons when I was a kid. Optimus Prime was sort of the hero every kid wanted to have. Harry Potter on the other hand was only introduced a few years ago, and despite me being a fan of the books (yes, I'm guilty) this is not a childhood fantasy I want to relive. Can you imagine Harry Potter the cartoon series? Nuf said.
Score: Transformers 1, HPOP 0

The Plot

Honestly, both plots kinda sucked. Advanced robots coming from outer space to fight an age-old war with a couple kids in between, that basically sums it up for Transformers. But the fact that the Transformers were even in the movie, makes it pwn the draggy HPOP which was cut really bad. Why was Voldemort even after the globe thing? Bah.
Score: Transformers 2, HPOP 0

The Acting

The guy in Transformers was kind of funny, and Megan Fox is totally hot though her character is really a bit lebih (except to maybe show some cleavage to get the guys drooling). With HPOP it's the same old bunch of actors, who are getting more and more boring as the series drags on. But our beloved Dolores Umbridge is so wicked in HPOP she makes me want to slap her.
Score: Transformers 2, HPOP 1

The Special Effects

Movie with kids flying on broom sticks and casting spells over one another - been there, done that. Movie with alien robots with the ability to morph into super cool automobiles, now that's what we're after.
Score: Transformers 3, HPOP 1


Goofs in Transformers - Archibald Witwicky, the guy who found Megatron, is referred to Sam's grandfather, great grandfather and great great grandfather in different occasions throughout the movie, wtf? How did Megatron learn to speak English if he was buried for 1000 years and they supposedly learned the language from the WWW?

On the other hand, the whining kid who sat next to us during HPOP made the viewing so terrible I wanted to tick off his mother. And the film melted halfway through the show. Yes, MELTED and we could see the film dripping off the screen. Way to go, GSC.

So looks like we have a clear winner here. Yay, Transformers! Autobots, roll out!

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