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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Prison Break

Prison Break is the GOOD!

I managed to catch about 13 episodes so far, in about 4 days time. Yes, that's 4 days and considering that I've been working past 7 for the last few days, that makes about 3 episodes a day and zero social life.

Anyway, one would think Michael Scofield, our hero in the series, would deserve all the credit for his sheer genius in designing the escape. And then there's Sara Tancredi, the lovely doctor who doesn't give a second thought about treating convicts and psychopaths (with a governor father no less).

I beg to differ however. Despite the strong performances from other actors, Robert Knepper aka Theodore Bagwell aka T-Bag has to be the best of them. His portrayal as one of the most dangerous (and charismatic) criminals in Fox State really stands out. You'd find it hard not to hate him and truly believe he is the character he plays.

Being a late boomer to the series, I'm still stuck at season 1 so I'm expecting to be in for a whole lot of surprises in the coming few episodes. I loved watching The Shawshank Redemption and other prison movies so I guess I'll be enjoying this one too.

Back to the DVDs for episode 14!


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