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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

BHP Orange Run - 9km completed!

Seems like a long time since I've posted anything here, hope the cobwebs haven't got too dense :D

Anyway, I'm done with moving house. All our stuff have been moved to the new place, though it took us so darn many trips I forgot the number. Hard to believe I once arrived here carrying all my stuff with both hands.

Managed to have a little break from all that moving last Sunday, when me and a couple other colleagues participated in the Orange Run organized by BHP.

Gurl was the first to propose that we join the run, but due to the unfortunate circumstances she had to forfeit her participation. So it was all down to me and colleagues.

The total distance of the run would be 9km, which is like an astronomical number for non-runners like me. Well I do climb the stairs sometimes, but anything over 2km is a behemoth task I would choose not to partake.

We arrived at the Curve around 7 am, expecting few people since the registration would end at 7.30. But I guess when it comes to activities like this, no one likes to be late, unlike the typical Malaysia style. The place was already crowded with people, stretching and warming up, all ready to go.

I was surprised at the attire most people turned up in. Thinking it would be nothing more than a casual run, I went in a cotton t-shirt and basketball shorts. Many others though were fully equipped, clothed in synthetic dri-fit fabric and shorts that barely covered their hairy / milky thighs.

Most of them looked something like this picture below...

While we looked more like this.

Not forgetting those who were a little more creative in attire.

Well not that sexy but you get the idea. I also noticed the brands of running shoes these people came in. They are, in no particular order:
  1. Nike
  2. Adidas
  3. New Balance
  4. Asics
  5. Leather boots (no kidding!)

The run was flagged off at 7.40 am. We started pretty well, running all the way for about 3 or 4 km. By the first 15 minutes, a few lady runners (who started 10 minutes later than us) started to overtake the lagging men's crowd. I tried to catch up but due to no previous training whatsoever, I seemed like a worn-out Proton trying to pass a sexy Porsche.

By the halfway mark, I was already gasping for breath. My legs were beginning to feel heavier and heavier by the second, and I resorted to short walks in between runs. The rather challenging route, littered with uphill climbs didn't make it easy either.

At the end, I gave a final burst of speed to pass the finish line in an hour and 15 minutes, ahead of the 2-hour qualifying mark. Not bad for a first timer eh. As a reward for completing the run under the qualifying time, we were given a backpack each.

I think the organizers did a pretty good job, considering the fact that registration was free. I certainly had fun there and so did my colleagues.

My legs are still aching now, and my knees are quite sore from the 75-minute hammering they got. Maybe I should at least have some training before participating in a run. Who knows, I might beat the 1 hour mark ;)

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