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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Maggi = fast food?

I was tucking into a bowl of my favourite instant noodles when a thought came to my mind.

As most of us would know, having instant noodles for meals isn't a very healthy habit. Other than not having a complete set of required nutrients, most brands also contain MSG (commonly known as Ajinomoto), which is also a bad thing for our bodies despite the heavenly taste it gives.

So why is it that when the health ministry is thinking of banning fast food advertisements, instant noodles are not included in the list?

You won't see this anymore on TV...

Instant noodles, fast food, they even have a common adjective in front. Pardon my logic if you don't see the connection here.

This particular brand for instance has been hogging quite some advertising airtime.

Even Kennysia's into the craze.

KFC may be bad for your blood pressure, McDonalds may give you a heart attack, but instant noodles are perfectly ok?

Or it could be due to the fact that instant noodles have become sort of a cultural thing for us Malaysians. Kids like it, adults adore it, cash-strapped students live on it. I guess noodles must have been part of our lives since day 1.

As I slurped down the last of the noodles, completely satisfied, I thought it would be a good idea to leave instant noodles out of the ad-banning campaign after all ;)


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