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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Deriku cooks up something special

Inspired by the culinary experiences of PJ, I decided to write about something gastronomical myself.

Initially I pondered over which dish to prepare for my debut entry on home cooked food. After much thought, I was more than happy to cook up one of my favourite dishes, the process of which is described below.

First thing I had to do, naturally, was the prepare the ingredients for this particular dish. This was no easy task as only the finest of materials would be selected. Fortunately, most of the stuff could be obtained at the supermarket, but still it took me some time to distinguish the true quality brands from the cheapskate stuff.

Now the process of cooking. Being a guy doesn't mean I feel totally disabled in the kitchen; I spent many a time experimenting with food in the kitchen at home. To start with, I filled the pot with water and proceeded to heat it up. After reaching boiling point (with the temperature at no less than 98 degrees, mind you), it was time to put the ingredients in.

Here's the tricky part: you have to stir the ingredients at the right time using the correct technique, until the they achieve a certain texture. It's kinda difficult for me to describe exactly how, and I wouldn't want any chef out there to steal what I consider to be my specialty. Who knows I might venture into the restaurant business one day. And so I leave this step to your imagination, for it isn't hard to begin with.

After a few minutes of tender cooking, the dish was nearly done. All I had to do now was to add in the spice and seasonings to give it the perfect taste. Note that the spices must be evenly spread, and this too required some finesse.

And so, I present to you, the best dish to be prepared by yours truly:






Don't you just love the sight, smell and taste of it? Undoubtedly every (poor) student's staple food...albeit this is way more classy.

Seriously, it tastes GOOD!!

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