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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Technology catches on

First time conversation with my mom through MSN the other day:

Mom: Not studying for the exam, huh?

Me: haha not yet

Me: how come u got msn?

Mom: Huh, why not?

Me: i thought only yuan xin (my sis) uses it



(Forever the english teacher, punctuation is a must for her)

Mom: See if you can buy me an optic mouse- for my school computer

Me: can't buy in bentong?

Mom: Yeah. Forgot about it. I'll try to get one here.

Me: i can get for u too if u want...around 35 bucks for a good one

Mom: No, it's alright. I think I'll look around in Bentong first.

Me: ok ok



Not the typical conversation you'd have with your mom eh? I'll be darned if she doesn't start reading my blog soon.

Never underestimate the techno-adaptability of our parents.

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