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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Seafood fiesta in Kulai

Finally had our celebration dinner for winning a prize in the Philips Young Inventors' Challenge (PYIC) today. Er I had better clarify that some of us weren't actually IN the team...but since we helped out, I guess we deserved it too haha.

Location was at Good Eats restaurant in Kulai, a place Mr. Lim introduced us to.

I don't do free advertising okay....but this pic serves the purpose anyway. Taken when we were about to leave.

The restaurant is supposed to be famous for its seafood, especially the lobster. We noticed that it was even featured in a Singaporean TV channel once.

We ordered two servings of lobsters, steamed chicken with wine, cereal prawns, tofu, some veggie and a steamed fish. The dishes were pretty decent overall, though the portions were nothing to shout about. The crustaceans came in small sizes too, resembling large prawns with elongated antennas.

Spot the odd one out.

The answer to the first pic would be...the lobster-in-nice-soup at the bottom right corner. Why? Because it's in a bowl and the other dishes are served on plates. Aw did you pick the tofu?

Now the second pic...the answer is again the one at the bottom right corner. Cos in the other pics it's either all guys or all girls. Unless you consider Shin Huey as a guy......

Third pic...a little tricky this one. The odd person out not the old-looking guy in the middle (that's Mr. Lim), but Elaine! Front row, first from right. Cos she's the only one wearing a dress (the only one OVERdressed hehe).

Turned out that the bill for our table exceeded the other by nearly 80 bucks. That's what you get when you put all the food connoiseurs at one table.

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