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Friday, April 14, 2006

W3 seniors farewell night

The cell group that I attend, W3, had a special farewell night for us graduating seniors.

It was my first time being chauffeured...though it didn't turn out how I'd imagine it would be. Of course there was no stretch limo to fetch us around...but Nickey's Wira was pretty much up to the job. Hey feels nice being pampered ok.

We had some food for starters, all homemade stuff too. They made us some macaroni with tuna and also some tuna egg sandwiches. So now I'm trying to hold back anything associated with tuna. Jovean even made us a lemon flavoured cheesecake, which turned out quite good considering the limited resources they had.

Karin, Cheok Miin, Venesa and some guy holding a knife. If you're graduating too, feel welcome to insert your pic in the blank space provided. Note: photoshopped images only.

We had some games and praise and worship. Finale was totally unexpected. The whole lot sang us a song which they composed themselves (though it was the lyrics only). Beautifully done.

Thank you to all seniors....that US!!

At the end of it, all of the cell members sort of conveyed their personal messages to us. I was described as "cool", "humble", "intelligent", "witty" (my favourite) among others. Wow I never realized I was such a perfect guy...but that's the whole point of it I guess. You don't go cursing people about their rotten traits and digging up their dirty stories during a farewell party right. Not aloud (and not allowed) anyway.

I got a parting gift from W3 and also IK. They bought a T-shirt for me, but my personal favourite was the Sydney Sheldon novel. Yay, another one to add to my collection.

I will not be afraid of the dark...again, evar!

Sigh, another reminder that I'll be leaving this place soon.

To W3 and all IK members:

Thanks for everything :)

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