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Thursday, April 13, 2006

NIght out at JB

To celebrate the end of our FYP presentation, me and Gurl went to JB for a scrumptious dinner to replenish ourselves after weeks of toil and labour.

Location was at Bamboo Restaurant, near Kompleks Lien Hoe. The dish famous there is the paper-wrapped chicken (纸包鸡), sort of like the one featured at KY's. There are actually 2 restaurants specializing in this dish around that area, the other one being Teck Sing. Both serve excellent paper-wrapped chicken, as well as a variety of other dishes.

Makes you forget all about bird flu....super delicious paper-wrapped chicken.

After overloading our tummies with dinner, we went on to JB City Square to catch Inside Man, despite the friggin parking rates (2 bucks an hour, even after 7pm!). The movie was good, would've been better if some fag didn't fall asleep and snore his way up our nerves!

Next stop was Danga Bay, where we went to Beach Club for a drink and some ikan bakar. There was this band belting out a few songs...really nice. I think the band name was Simply Acoustica or something like that, you can catch them there 7 nights a week.

Here's their rendition of Mungkin Nanti, which IMHO was even beter than the original version. Picture quality's not that good since it was an open air gig and it was dark.

Ikan bakar @ Danga Bay.

Couple of posers.

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