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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Notebook vs Desktop

I'm considering requesting a personal notebook from my boss for work purposes, due to certain circumstances that warrants this need. Before that, I had make up my mind whether it was really a wise choice to own a notebook instead of a desktop.

Pros and cons of owning a notebook:

  • I can attend conference calls and share whatever I want to via netmeeting - Skype with a distant US friend or picture sharing with a foreign buddy, yay.
  • Increased productivity as a new notebook would definitely perform better than a standard Pentium4 desk-fossil - increased pleasure in surfing and reading blogs!
  • I could work from home (not that I'm planning to, anyway).

Despite all the above...

  • I will have to lug it to and back from work everyday - it would not look good if the boss saw me carrying my notebook bag when I'm walking to my cubicle at 11am pretending I just arrived from...the director's office?
  • I cannot put messenger status to "Away" since I would have to shut it down when it's time to go home - a blow to my chances of sneaking back early in case the boss scrutinizes the "Offline" list to catch the early leavers.
  • And of course, the process of bringing the laptop to and from work would mean a larger chance of my data being stolen - think of the e-books and downloaded TV serials that I'd lose!'s a tough choice indeed.


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