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Thursday, March 29, 2007

A visit to Assunta

Gurl got into a little accident recently, and the root cause probably came down to me, being a blogger / blog-reader. The story was something like this: she was looking for a miniSD card, and I, having read ShaolinTiger's recent purchase of an LCD monitor, suggested that we visit this computer shop in SS2.

In the end, not only was the shop closed, she missed a step while coming down on the staircase and twisted her ankle. So there you go, reading blogs can be hazardous to the people around you too.

Her GP recommended that we went to a proper hospital to get an x-ray, since she (the GP) could not determine if there was a fracture, and the pain was really getting to Gurl. So we went on to Assunta Hospital, one of the more 'reputable' medical centers around the area.

Fancy doing a wheelie?

I dunno why but I always had the impression that Assunta was one of those old, run-down hospitals with century-old equipment. But was I in for a surprise when I got there. The building looked spanking new, the lobby was clean and modern, and even the wheelchairs were pretty new as well.

They even have a Starbucks outlet and 7-11 store. Talk about globalization, even hospitals cannot escape it.

Another way of spending your time waiting.

I saw this sign in the x-ray department.

"If you are pregnant, or probably pregnant, please inform the reception staff and radiographer before the x-ray examination."

The thing is, how would someone know if she's probably pregnant? And what would the hospital staff do about it? Give her a pregnancy test? If so, now you know where to get a free pregnancy test, without having to look suspicious.

This nurse must have missed the 'no handphones' sign directly next to her.

In the end, Gurl got a splint, but was lucky enough to have escaped any fractures. That would be the only consolation, I guess, from having to walk using crutches for the next few days or so.

Sexy leg yo!

I can't say the treatment procedure was very efficient though, it being a private hospital. We were there for nearly 2 and a half hours, with barely a handful of other patients. For making us pay RM250, the least they could do was to speed up the process.

As for Gurl, she'll probably recover in a few weeks time, which is a good thing. In the meantime though, I'll be putting up a disabled person sign at the back of my car :)


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