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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Thank you...and goodbye.

It's been a tough time for me lately. What used to be the creative spark that spurred me on in this journey of blogging has somehow turned into the very block that's preventing me from posting more frequently.

Since this whole new chapter of life started, it has been going nowhere but downwards. It had it's ups, but then usually what followed was a crash to the bottom that knocked me senseless. Work, life, nearly every aspect is in some form of disarray.

Phyiscally, fatigue never seems to leave me. This weariness I experience weighs me down, like a thousand ton ship sinking slowly, pulling its helpless passengers into the murky depths of the ocean.

I long to post, but most of the time, my mind turns up blank. I cannot seem to recall what has happened during the day, except for a flurry of office activity, life seems to be idling away.

Emotionally, I'm drained. Most of the time I just lie down and ponder, what is it that brought me into this troubled situation. Does the fault lie in other people? Or is it just me being stubborn and unwilling to change.

Answers to these questions, unlike mathematical equations, are hard to come by...

I used to be proud of being an engineer and blogger. But now, these two names are meaningless to me. I do realize that life goes on, whether in real-life or in cyberspace. Hence, it pains me to announce that I will stop blogging indefinitely, while looking for a new start to my life; a new career path for me to pursue.

Maintaining this blog has been a hell of a journey. My gratitude your support and the pleasure you have given me, knowing that someone actually follows this blog.

Thank you.....and goodbye.








Did I get you there? ;)

PS: I'm still very much alive, although some parts of the post are based on real sentiments. I've never done this before, hope it's not too late to pull a joke. Cheers!


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