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Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday rant

Sometimes I find it strange how some people who are accepted as leaders in a particular organization do NOT act in a 'leaderly' way at all when they interact with you. Honestly, sometimes it's just plain annoying.

My definition of being a leader does not necessary mean one has to have great charisma and being inspirational. Sometimes it can be as simple as being nice to someone and to treat them with respect. Especially with leaders with this type of background, I would expect them to treat me as a friend, no less.

But the truth is opposite somehow. They are caught in their littly holy world, unaware that the people surrounding them are actually having some doubtful thoughts about...well, the very things that there are trying to instill. Not only that, at times I'm just pissed off by their ignorance in personal freedom and individuality.

I once promised someone I would be attending an event, but due to last-minute circumstances I had to tell him that I couldn't make it. Expecting him to understand my situation, I was surprised and angry when he told me off, saying I should go anyway since I had 'promised' him attend. Tell me, is this a display of leadership, or disrespect of one's freedom and feelings?

Why 'force' people to attend something when they can't? Why that display of attitude when people say 'no'? Why does every sentence start with a 'why' and not a 'hi'?

Sometimes I feel a little disillusioned by these people. I wonder what it is that makes them the leaders of the organization they are supposed to lead. Perhaps it is time to bail out...

Yes, this is a rant, and too bad I can't name any names here.


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