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Monday, April 30, 2007

Things that make me go wtf

There are some things I just don't get.

You get a group of Mat Rempits, attempt to rehabilitate them by promising the ride of a lifetime, provide training while they give up their bikes temporarily, and send them to the North Pole for a skydiving trip into the record books.

And by spending hundreds of thousands of ringgit no less (and I wonder who's the sponsor for this gang of Umno Putera rempits?)

All in the hopes that 'other Mat Rempit out there will look to these youths and change their behaviour and attitude for the better'.


FYI, my take on these band of retarded, handle-bar wielding morons is perfectly put in words here.


Let's say you and a few friends decide to have a little picnic at a scenic garden, quite a distance away from your homes. To have this picnic, you need a basket to keep all the food in so that you won't have a difficult time transporting the food.

Now, all of your friends have their own baskets, but no one volunteers to use theirs. So out of good will and not wanting to complicate matters, you offer your basket so that everyone can put their food in. So now everyone is happy and content and the basket is full of delicacies.

But due to some unexpected circumstances in the last minute, you are forced to pull out of the gathering. Hence, you keep your own food in case you get hungry at home.

However, no ones mention about the basket, YOUR basket. Let's just assume for a while here that baskets are an important part of your fictitious life, a valuable object that is absolutely essential to you. In this case, would you:

a. Take back your basket with an apology that you can't make it?

b. Keep your silence and let them just use the basket?

c. Apologise that you can't make it, and offer your basket for your friends' perusal?

Of course, most people would pick (a) for an answer. But let's say your are such a nice friend that BFF was a term specifically coined for you and you have (c) as a choice. So you personally send the basket to your friends' house, instead of having them pickup what they need for the picnic that you won't be going to.

To summarise, you're not going to the picnic, you're not obliged to offer your basket, your friends don't say anything about someone offering a basket, you end up offering your basket, and you don't go to the picnic.


(It's a lousy metaphor, so don't worry if you don't get it)


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