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Thursday, December 08, 2005


Finally reached home after a long day's drive. Couldn't help reflecting on the events that happened during PELTAC. This year's camp was a blast, really. And to think that I nearly didn't participate until the last minute...haha thanks, Karin, for entering my name.

This year's programme was definitely an improvement to last year's, although the station games could have been more fun if the "clues" weren't so confusing. Kudos to the programme department for the effort in organasing all the seminars and talks. Now I know I have an 'A' type personality. According to the speaker, I'll probably see someone I dislike rot and die slowly with pleasure...haha so be warned!

One thing though, this year's participants were relatively quiet. My purpose of joining being to get to know more friends, this was rather disappointing. But to those that I've interacted with, you're all great people :) It's been an honour getting to know you guys, especially my groupmates, the Dragons. Seh Tat, Ing Ling, Kai Xuan, Jyet Ying, Aifaa, Nat, BK and Alvin, you guys made the experience fun.

Seh Tat, you've been a good friend, always doing those crazy actions, I think you could be a stand-up comedian some time, haha. Ing Ling, though you're 'underaged' (sorry ah), you're one cool girl, wish to have known more about you. Kai, another 87 gal, you're probably the cutest Chung Ling gal around the camp, hope to see you some time in FKE. Jyet Ying, another FKE junior, I got to know that you're Karin's friend in this camp, it's been a pleasure knowing you. Aifaa, fun girl to be with, you're one of the unique Malay girls that I've known. Nat, the joker in our group, always pulling off funny lines here and there, hope you got the best from this camp. BK, the quiet guy, wish you could've voiced up more man, I'm sure you could have been an even greater contribution to the group. Alvin, who enjoyed public speaking so much, you're one of a kind, man. To all of you, I hope that you guys had fun and sorry if I said or did anything wrong during the course of the camp. Hope we keep in touch as often as possible. Come out yum cha next sem, maybe. Oh yeah and Ing Ling, I'll definitely call you when I'm around Subang, wanna get a treat from you haha...

After all the fun and excitement, I guess it's a good time to get some rest at home. Enjoy your holidays, guys. This is Derek signing off.


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