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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Trivia: What is the thing that is in every (okay, nearly every) undergraduate's mind?


Yup, you got it, call it whatever you want: boy girl stuff, love stories, gossip of sexy/romantic/perverse/erotic kind (latter reserved for guys only). Seems that every time I meet up with my old gang of friends, this topic will somehow pop up no matter what the circumstances.

Yes, it was a night of discussion again the other night, when one of my guy buddies was relating problems about his relationship with his girl.

You know what I think, true relationships are bound to have problems, big or small. I tend to disagree though with people who say: If you don’t argue with your girlfriend/boyfriend, there’s something wrong, you should find something to quarrel with him/her sometime(??!!).

Heheh believe me, I’ve been through all the quarrels you can think of, and it’s no pleasant experience. Of course after every incident, the bond grows stronger but hey, I’m totally OK with a peaceful relationship.

It’s up to the individuals in the end. If you still have feelings for your partner, by all means find a way to sort out all your differences. But if you’ve had enough and you can’t stand hell anymore, there’s only one obvious solution to it. I’m not being the love expert here, but that’s what I would say to any friend who’s having problems of this sort.

Love is a funny thing…

Women Humans are funny beings…


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