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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


The attack began at dawn. Kong started scaling the Petronas Twin Towers, forced to seek refuge from the relentless ground troops. He was halfway up Tower A when jet fighters from the recent LIMA were called in to lend a hand in subduing the huge beast.

Kong1_copyKong was reaching the pinnacle of the tower when the jet fighters arrived. They took aim and fired at will. Bullets came raining down upon the peak of the tower. Not withstanding the firepower, Kong responded with his own tactics. Using his massive arms, he struck down any plane that came near him. But in a sudden shower of ammunition, Kong lost his grip and plummeted a thousand feet into oblivion.

ASEAN leaders who were having a conference came out to see the commotion. All of them gasped at the sight before them. The police force swarmed around the lifeless body of Kong. The head of the force blurted: “Hey let’s force him to do some ear squats, just in case he’s keeping any prohibited items. And make sure no one videotapes this one.”

Then all of a sudden, a certain (idiotic) minister stood out and yelled at Kong: “If you don’t like Malaysia, don’t come lah! Blady fool…”

Kong wasn’t dead, yet. He was infuriated by the stupidity surrounding him. Stirring from the ground, he struggled to make one last act of retribution. Using the last ounce of strength in him, he pummeled the police and the minister into pieces. Then he fell, and slumped into a lifeless heap…

It was a day of mourning for animal lovers around the world, but it was a day of triumph for the citizens of Malaysia.


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