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Monday, December 26, 2005

My Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa,

I've been a good boy this year...except the time when...Ah forget about it, it wasn't my fault anyway, muahahaha. Ok so here's what I would like for Christmas:

1. A spanking new cellphone. I've had this 'colourless' one for 3 years now so it's time I upgraded it to make my lazy pathetic life even more techno-dependant with hopes that I'll be free from a life of radiation-related tumours.


Gimme gimme gimme!!

2. A spanking new laptop, preferably a Toshiba. My old NEC is starting to rust real bad, plus the garbage inside is making all my programs run real slow. But if you're on a budget this year (which I seriously hope you're not), a Dell would be just fine.


Ah, the tech lover in me...

3. A spanking new pair of Nikes. The sole of my original pair got partly ripped off in a tug-of-war contest (thank you PELTAC), and I don't wanna give myself an excuse for not going out for exercise.


Air Max Tailwind...Cool, no?

4. A spanking new pair of killer specs, with clip-ons of course. The vision in my left eye is getting blurrier every day (with non-stop use of the computer), so a new pair of specs would do me wonders. (No contact lens please, those things freak me out)

5. All the spanking new material stuff aside, I would like a lower cholestrol level (seriously!). Being invaded by LDL is not a good thing...not a good thing at all......

6. Last but not least, there is the usual request for world peace and harmony, blah blah blah...whatever a Miss World contestant would say. Oh, and try to stop our government from raising fuel prices again, that'd be really nice.

That's all for this year, Santa. I hope you jot down every single wish in my wishlist, or else I'll be real depressed for the coming year. Oh, and good luck in your slimming efforts :)

Happy Christmas! Cheers!

(To contact Santa directly, click here)


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