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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve Wedding Dinner

Attended a wedding dinner today, the bride was Gurl's former neighbour / her cousin's ex-classmate. What an extravagant event it was, 100 tables, can you believe it? Must have cost them at least 60K for the entire dinner (including the booze, of course).

As usual, the infamous 'Malaysian time' was in use today. Dinner was supposed to start at 7 but in the end we only got our food at 8.30. Luckily we didn't go on an empty stomach. I wonder why is it that we Malaysians like to be late so often? Especially during wedding dinners? They (the latecomers) think they're royalty or something?

Another thing that irks me is that during these dinners, there's always food going to waste. Everyone has to be SO full of manners that they can only take a small piece for each dish, and leave the rest for the scavengers / dogs / whoever collects the leftovers. Hey, since you've already 'paid' around 50 to 100 bucks (in angpau form), why still keep back from enjoying the scrumptious (though sometimes it may be downright lousy) food?

One more thing that I couldn't stand was the smokers in the restaurant. Can't they even read the sign? THIS IS AN IN-DOOR AIR-CONDITIONED PUBLIC PLACE YOU MORONS.....NO SMOKING PLEASE. Made the air even mistier than Genting; even makes the casino (if you've been inside, you'll know that (most) gamblers like to puff cigs too) feel like New Zealand. Really cannot tahan these people...

Anyway, it's Christmas time! Yoohoo! I can already hear the fireworks.


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