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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I hate to tell you this but it's true: we're living in an age of disillusionment.

I don't know what others may tell you...

That the world's becoming a nicer place.

That the economy's getting better.

That the government is going to subsidize all your living costs.

That you friends aren't stabbing you in the back.

All that optimism crap.

Let's face it folks, most of these aren't true. You and I know that. It's just bullshit they make up to make themselves feel better.

But there's no reason to feel depressed. Good things are happening (if you don't read the paper). People still love each other. McD's still there when you need a happy meal.

We're still alive, aren't we?

Life is beautiful.

Afterthought: I guess it was the pessimist in me that needed some ranting. Indeed the world is a beautiful place, let's keep it that way. FFS, stop being bitches.


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