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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Gathering of The Dragons

After a week of coping with I'm-still-on-holiday-mood-I-hate-school syndrome, the Dragons unite again for another hot, fiery get-together. Kai Xuan, Seh Tat, Jyet Ying, BK and me were the ones who showed up, plus our lovely Fascists Fa-cees (that's facilitators for you PELTAC-illiterate) Ah Pui and Li Chuang.

The venue was none other than the latest makan place to open in the Tmn U area; Dream On Cafe. The ambience there was truly unique compared to other eateries around the area. Although the food was a tad expensive (as it always is for us students), the BBQ chicken went well with my taste buds. Poor Set Tat though had to share his pizza around and in the end, he only got half of it. Best of luck in your weight program man. Lesson number one: Don't share your food.

The gathering was an enjoyable one. And it was the first time that all of us conversed in mandarin. Felt kinda weird at first, but I got used to it eventually. Mandarin is the lingua franca around here anyway. Not satisfied after dinner, we proceeded to our next stop: Ayub Tmn U. Supper right after dinner...if that didn't get me stuffed, I don't know what would. Thanks to the trusty videocam that I brought along, we managed to take some snapshots, some in the weirdest way possible. (Sometimes I really wonder what's going on in these peoples' minds...hahaha)

It was a pity Alvin and Aifaa couldn't make it this time. Ing Ling and Nat of course, being the 'foreign imports' of the camp, were unable to attend. It's ok though, we still love you :) Perhaps next time we'll have our gathering somewhere in PJ, who knows? Seh Tat even suggested Genting, but I say let's make it to our Secret Recipe gathering first.

Til we meet again, GO DRAGONS GO....OHHHHHH YES!!




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