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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Smashing Night

What can I say...Grad Night '06 was a smashing success. Except for a few minor glitches during some of the events, everything went well and I'm sure as hell everyone enjoyed it.

Things got to a bad start however when most of the guests (and some committee members even) were caught up in a jam. Cos of that, we were rushing to get the props ready at the last minute. Thank God everything turned out alright, though I hope Yeoh won't mind about the car which got stuck during the opening ceremony :p Yep, we came up with a remote control car that was supposed to pop a few balloons to signal the start of Grad Night...creative huh. All thanks to Gurl's idea.

Then there was the juniors' performance. And what a great job they did. Kudos to them for bringing forward a wonderful performance to an audience full of anticipation. Finally gave a sigh of relief after the opening ceremony ended. Time to party...haha.

Yirun gave us an impeccable rendition of "Amigos Para Siempre", our theme song for the night. Later the Taugeh, I mean Beansprouts band (how did these guys get their band name, I wonder?) performed a few songs, which really got the audience entertained during the dinner.

Next on we had the nominations for prom king and queen. It was kind of a hard decision cos everyone looked so handsome and lovely that night. In the end, it was Sing Hui who was crowned the new prom queen of Grad Night, and for the guys, it was none other than our president, Yeoh. Wonder if the whole thing was a conspiracy...heheh. After all, both of them were in the organising committee.

The climax of the night finally arrived when it was time for the dance. Committee members (including yours truly) got themselves sweating performing 2 dances; That Thing You Do, and the Irish Dance from the "Titanic" soundtrack. That really got everyone heated up and it wasn't long before every single person got into the dance. It was like working out in a gym; we were sweating so hard, some of us were even dripping wet. Too bad for the make up, girls...

Due to some problems with the PA system, we couldn't get a clear sound from the speakers. It was then that the band came to our rescue by playing a few songs live. With Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" as a finale, Grad Night finally came to an end at around midnight.

It was a great experience working to make this event happen. Thanks to all the guys and gals who put in so much effort for the opening ceremony. And to the organising committee members, you deserve a pat on the back for making the night an unforgettable one.


Friends forever!


Wai Loon: Nose job proved to be a success


With prom queen, Sing Hui


Juniors who did the opening performance


With Esther, one of the prom queen nominees


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