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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Phew...been sleeping at 4 am for the past week now, all for the preparation of our FKE Grad Night 06, which will be held at Sofitel Palm Resort, Senai. Haven't been so stressed out in a long time now (coupled with PSM, I'm gonna puke any moment).

Being in charge of the opening ceremony along with Gurl, we initially planned to do a video show that showcases our growing up process, and finally graduating from uni life. A few days ago however we found out that the availability of a projector was uncertain. We just lost the mood to continue after that.

Now we're working on something like a stage show, just a short one, for the opening ceremony. The work load though was huge, much more than we expected. It's gonna be a nice one, if everything turns out accordingly. I'm not letting slip of what type of show it is....hehe don't wanna ruin the anticipation.

To those who will be attending Grad Night, I promise that we'll give our best to make the night a memorable one.

To those who can't make it for some reason, I've got two words to say: too bad.

The coming of Grad Night symbolizes another thing...that we're all going to graduate soon. Time flies. Five years have passed us by just in a blink of the eye.

Hope everyone will have a smashing time this Saturday night!


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