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Monday, January 09, 2006

The Hole

Warning: Viewer discretion advised. May contain sexually explicit material.

Consider the following dialogue:

Girl: Darling, don't do it too rough ok. You know it's my first time doing this...

Guy: Don't worry dear, I'll be careful. We need to have some precaution, just in case.

Girl: Are you sure it's ok darling...cos I think I have an infection, very painful now.

Guy: It's ok, the pain will last for just a while, then you'll be on cloud nine after that.

Girl: Ouch!! Painful! Are you sure you're doing this the right way...

Guy: I don't know's my first time too. Oh shit, how do I get it out now?

Girl: bad! You can't even get it out??

Guy: Sorry dear...your hole is just so small. I can't seem to pull it out!

Girl: Yerrrr!!! .............

Can you guess what's happening?






Haha you can get those dirty thoughts out of your minds now.

It's just a guy helping his girlfriend pull out her earrings for the first time!

Hahaha....thanks to Gurl, Elaine and Quek who were the inspiration for this. Gurl just got her ears pierced, and she wanted to try on a new pair of earrings so this is what actually started the joke.

Funny how something like that could be connected with that.

What(TF) were you thinking? Perverts.


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