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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Something to share

A drunkard came back home in the middle of the night. Concerned about his condition, his wife asked him: "Where have you been, dear?"

The man, barely aware of his surroundings, struck his wife on the face in a fit of drunken rage. Piiaaakk!!!

"Stop being so nosy!!", the husband shouted.

The wife, surprised by her husband's act, broke out into tears.

Then suddenly came another slap on the face. Piiaaaak!!!

"Stop crying, you troublesome woman!!"

Not knowing what to do, the wife started to shiver all over, sobbing her heart out.

Another heartless smack came down upon the wife. Piiaaak!!

"Stop shivering, I tell you, or I'll kick you out of the house!!"

But the wife could yield to her husband's demands, no more. She lay on the floor, unconscious...


Have you met such a cruel and heartless person before?

Don't you agree with me that these people deserve to be dealt with the harshest of all penalties?


When we fall sick, we ignore the cries of our body to rest and recuperate. When the illness gets worse, we seek medication to 'get better' and yell to our bodies: "Stop whining and start working!" Our bodies are not given chance at all to get the rest that they deserve.

Medication does not make someone healthier, remember that. It merely controls the diseased parts so that they do not get worse or spread. In fact, drugs may even cause adverse effects to our most precious physical self.

A balanced diet, good nutrition, enough sleep, exercise and a positive mindset are all elements that would bring one good health. If you are sick, keep in mind that only one small part of your body is unwell and needs mending, the rest is unaffected and will keep on supporting you. Remember that it is the greatest gift on earth that we are able to breathe, to think, to be alive.

Most importantly, never forget that our bodies are the ones that love us most. They will never leave us, they will never harm us, and they will never forsake us no matter what we do. Shouldn't we treat them in the way they deserved to be treated?

I heard this story during one of the talks given by a renowned Chinese nutritionist, 林海峰, and it just stuck in my mind. For more information, you could visit his website


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