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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Something smells fishy...

Had a fine seafood experience at the Manhattan Fish Market restaurant in Jusco Tebrau City today. Delicious food, great service and a nice cosy ambience...what else could one ask for when looking for gastronomic delights?

Check out the food...


Grilled seafood platter....yummy.


Deep fried seafood platter...irresistable.


Don't you just wanna have a bite off that???

Being starved for long enough, everyone tucked into their food. Heck, it was a tough job trying to convince them to wait til we took the pics. After a sumptious, satisfying meal, this is what was left on the table.


Those who are on a budget beware, some of the dishes cost quite a bomb (based on UTM standards). The grilled seafood platter cost me and Gurl nearly 50 bucks including tax. But it's worth it though...if you don't mind starving yourself for the next couple of days.


Triumphant after having our tummies filled (check out LS's new cellphone...he's spokesperson for Samsung now)

Bought two U2 shirts after that...guess my CNY shopping is done...or is it? Haha KL here I come!!

PS: I got 10% discount sticker for MFM, those who wanna have a bite there, get from me lah. Better still, bring me along and gimme a treat.


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