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Thursday, January 12, 2006

A visit to Jusco

After 4 freaking hours at lab, I finally got home all set for a nice bath and some rest.

Mana tau Gurl called and said she was at Jusco. Not the Taman U one, mind you, but at the one in Never Never Land which was aeons away. Well it felt like aeons to get there anyway.

So there I was at this spanking new shopping center, full of decorations and paint smell with every shop getting ready for the grand opening. Reputed to be the largest Jusco store in SEA, Jusco Tebrau City really lived up to its name. Other than the flagship Jusco store, there were 3 stories of shops ranging from the outrageously expensive (Guess?, Timberland) to the budget shops (Reject Shop, Nike....oops wrong one). Overall there was much variety and I bet it's going to be a popular spot for JB-ers who wanna do some serious shopping.

But still, nothing compares to the KL joints like Midvalley and 1-U...that's my personal point of view. You can't beat the capital huh. Or maybe I'm just used to going to those places.

After some crazy shopping (the girls only, not me), we headed to the Taman Sentosa area for some "Spring Chicken" porridge. Pardon me if I'm using the wrong word cos I'm not really comfortable with the word "frog"....or "toad". It was really quite tasty...albeit a bit pricey. But hey, this is JB. I'd recommend the fish porridge for those who're not used to consuming amphibians.

A tiring day, but a fun one too.



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