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Sunday, January 22, 2006


What a weekend!! 2 interviews in a day and 3 days of late driving...that's enough to make anyone drop dead in their tracks.

Saturday, of course, was the most interesting one. Chronology of that day's events:

8.15 am - After barely 5 hours of sleep, the three of us (me, Gurl and Elaine) drowsily prepared ourselves to look our best for the interview sessions.

9.30 am - Started drive from Bentong to KL. Yawn...

10.45 am - Arrived at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, just next to KLCC. Luckily didn't get ourselves lost in the KL maze of roads. First checked out the toilet/washroom at the lobby...fell in love with it ever since. The toilet bowls there got a water spray thingy to clean you-know-where. No wonder it's rated as a 5 star diamond hotel. Proceeded to registration for Freescale interview.

11.30 am - After handing up our forms and starting to feel bored from waiting, we went out to have some fresh air. Suria KLCC was just next door and we couldn't resist but go hang gai inside. Didn't really had the mood for shopping, perhaps cos of the impending interview sessions. Wanted to check out the Chocolate Fondue at Chocz but darn, had to go back in case it was our turn. Paid a visit to our beloved MO toilet.

12.30 pm - Arrived back at MO just to be told that it was lunchtime. Now we had to walk over to KLCC for lunch again...yay. Had beef lasagna at the foodcourt; tasted great, and at an affordable price too!

1.30 pm - Caught 40 winks at the hotel lobby. So nice of them to have comfy sofas for worn out travellers like us. Dropped by at MO toilet again to freshen up.

2.15 pm - My name was called! First one to go in although my number was behind Gurl's. Had to face 3 interviewers, 2 of them engineers. Grilled with all sorts of technical questions (wanna know what sort of Q's...ask me and maybe I'll tell you if I like you heheh). I had to say, I fared much worse compared to the Intel assessment test, partly cos of fatigue but mostly due to the UTM culture of forgetting everything you've studied after sitting for finals. Session went on for nearly an hour. They assured me that they'd give me a call soon, after which I walked out and was ready to collapse.

3.30 pm - Gurl's session was over. Pretty much the same questions but I bet she had the interviewers blown away by her personality...heheh.

3.50 pm - Elaine's done and we all hurry to catch a cab to our next destination: Sheraton Imperial Hotel. By the time we reached there, the interview sessions for Motorola were almost over. Fortunately I was still able to register since I was one of scheduled candidates. One HR lady looked pissy...damn, gave me a bad feeling.

5.00 pm - My turn for the interview. This time got lucky, interviewer was a senior engineer and not some high ranked manager. Quite a nice guy too...everything was kinda casual and smooth. Was told that they're working on iDEN technology, which allows users to talk on mobile without having to pay Maxis, Digi, Celcom, whatever network you're using...fascinating indeed.

5.40 pm - Sigh of relief! Left Sheraton after a cup of coffee and after collecting the free Motorola gift; a Motorola sweater, which was not bad at all! Starting to like Motorola...hehe.

6.45 pm - Arrived at PJ SS3 for dinner. Had to replenish ourselves with some good food. We had this dish with brinjal, salted fish and pieces of meat...delicious.

7.30 pm - Went to IKANO cos the girls wanted to do some shopping. Wandered around, barely noticing the surrounding shops cos I was just too tired.

9.20 pm - Headed to 1Utama but by the time we reached there, the roads leading to the car park were so congested that we gave up any hope of getting in. Shops would be closing soon anyway. No matter...proceeded to SS2 to find a place where we could get some rest.

10.30 pm - Drinks and taugeh at SS2's Ipoh Taugeh Chicken Rice shop. Wanted to have 'sai mai lou' which was next door, but the place is forever full of patrons, what more on a Saturday night.

12.00 am - Went on to Subang for a meeting with Ing Ling. Subang's so big and they suggest we go A&W...haha. Last minute change of plan brought us to Asia Cafe, just opposite Inti College. First time meeting all 3 of the Ing Phang sisters, Ing Ling, Ing Chia and Ing Hua (with a new hairdo). So bold of them to defy parental advice and venture out during this time of the night...gotta salute them really :) Thanks for coming out, girls.

1.30 am - After some chit-chatting, finally headed home after a day's activities. Exhaustion really hit but with 3 lives in my hands, I had no choice but to keep myself awake.

2.45 am - Home at last! Took a refreshing bath, watched TV for a while and it was time to hit the bed.

20 hours straight without sleep and logging over 1000 km in 3 days...that's gotta be a personal record.


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